A new IBM BPM User Group…. in Denmark!

  • September 10, 2014
  • Scott

A new BPM user group is forming and meeting tomorrow (Thursday).  Folks from Carlsberg have helped organize the first IBM BPM user group meeting in Denmark tomorrow!  We’ve been collaborating with Carlsberg on Brazos UI for months now, so it is really gratifying to see them step up their commitment to the BPM ecosystem by forming a user group – demonstrating that the value of a community is not just the dollars involved but the passion and motivation of the people in the community for the subject at hand.

As it is the first BPM user group meeting in Denmark, IBM will attend and give a quick update on what’s new with BPM.  Then Carlsberg will show and demonstrate what they’ve done with BPM so far, demonstrating their internal IT procurement process with dashboards for IT spend by department.  This is great stuff to share with other IT groups – and rumor has it that it is built with none other than Brazos.

From Anders, of Carlsberg:

Following that, the group will discuss what we want to do with the user group. Carlsberg’s intention is to establish a network where we can use each other for inspiration in all matters related to BPM.

This is the kind of leadership that successful BPM practitioners exhibit.  They don’t see the world as a zero-sum game, they see the value in community and ecosystem, and in learning from others – as well as sharing best practices with others.

We seem to have quite a few folks on our team hoping to be invited to a future BPM user group in Denmark, should it also include a tour of the brewery…

If you happen to be in Denmark and you’re interested in attending, please comment on this post or message me on twitter – and I’ll put you in touch with Anders for the details.


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