A Great Third-Party Review of Brazos

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Scott Francis

I was really pleased to see Jonathan Huang of Centric writing a review of his experience with Brazos UI Toolkit, demonstrating that we've hit the mark!?? Please read it!

There are great details in his review about specific controls and experiences that I think do a good job of illustrating the thought and care that goes into producing a product like this. But I especially like these rhetorical questions, which are much like the ones we asked ourselves when we started building Brazos:

But why can?t it do both? Wouldn?t your workforce be happier with something that says ?BAM,? I?m efficient and pretty, too? And, honestly, with a user experience that is easy to use doesn?t efficiency go up and waste go down?

-- Jonathan Huang

There are many partners and clients in the IBM ecosystem leveraging Brazos to deliver great user interfaces and user experiences for IBM BPM clients.? We have striven with our Brazos toolkit for IBM BPM to provide an upgraded user experience that is seamlessly integrated with IBM's product, and in keeping with its basic underpinnings and philosophy.

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