A Great Place to Work

  • October 19, 2016
  • Scott


BP3 has been a great place to work for me since 2007.  And what makes it a great place to work for me?  The fantastic team I get to work with every day.

As we’ve grown, one of the great joys of building our business has been making it a great place to work for so many other people as well. So many people at so many companies worry about losing their culture as they grow – but I believe we’ve built a better culture as we’ve grown. Our growth and success has allowed us to reinvest in our team – which has led to more growth and success for our customers.  The virtuous cycle of a great team and great customers is not lost on any of us. Growth is an opportunity.

All year long we try to run our business right, and we don’t focus on the rankings. It’s not about the rankings.  But for one night each year, as Michael Bush – CEO of GPTW – put it, it’s all about the rankings. Last week, the Great Place to Work conference for Small and Medium Businesses (less than 1000 employees)  came to Austin for their annual conference and award gala – and at the Gala, at least, it was all about the rankings.

Couldn’t be more proud of our team for being in the Top Ten! We finished #8 to be exact! It’s exciting to move up the rankings in a year when the competition was significantly more intense. You can imagine how many small businesses there are vying for this award nationally – and how many great companies we’ve met at the GPTW conferences.  Which just makes it even more humbling to be on the list at all.  I have to take a moment to say thank you to the GPTW team for honoring companies that tend to their culture and team as well as their business.  It’s a great way to shine a light on best practices.

The list is published here, BP3 at #8, and BP3’s profile and our results are also published on the Great Place to Work site. The personal enablement inherent in the way we run our business jumps off the page when you read the survey results.


Austin has had something in the water when it comes to company culture going back as far as I can remember, and probably further.  It felt apropos that GPTW would bring their conference honoring great places to work to Austin.  3 Austin companies finished in the top ten, and 4 in the top 20 for the small business category.  That’s amazing for Austin, but I’m not surprised that Austin companies are setting a high bar for culture!





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