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Scott Francis

[Occasionally I write about local Austin startups out of a mixture of community, curiosity, and connection to our world of process - this is one of those moments.]

Recently Matt Chasen announced that he's leaving uShip to start his next adventure, and there was some great coverage in the local news - and even better yet his own blog post.?

Matt's whole post is worth reading but this passage I wanted to share:

I?m also proud of how we?ve given back to the community. We were founding members of the Startup Games, which has gone on to raise thousands of dollars for charities, and also sponsored Help on Wheels, our charitable shipping program, that helps get supplies and donations delivered to those in need.

These are all true and great contributions to the Austin ecosystem.? I could add to this, that uShip was also a great supporter of local businesses, and their iconic office location in Downtown Austin made it a fixture during SXSW-interactive every year.? Once it was surrounded by low-slung warehouses and parking lots... one of those lots is now the JW Marriott.? And there aren't any parking lots left.? Matt and the uShip team gave my wife's company - Red Velvet Events - an early break when they were just getting off the ground - and they continued to work together for many years.? As a result, I also had the good fortune to meet Matt, Mickey Millsap, Jay Manickam, and Shawn Bose.? Business is personal and all of these folks represent the best of what business can be.?

Always proud to have uShip in the Austin ecosystem of successful startups.? You don't "replace" someone like Matt as your CEO, you only hope to do a good job succeeding him and fulfilling the vision.? I know what it is like to be handed the baton, it's an honor.?

What does uShip do, by the way?

When two classmates?Jay Manickam and Mickey Millsap?and I wrote the business plan for uShip for a Texas MBA class in 2004, I never would have dreamed we would accomplish what we have to date: Nearly $1 billion in gross sales earned by over 800,000 registered transporters who have made over one million deliveries in 138 countries. Not to mention 100 episodes of ?Shipping Wars,? the A&E reality show that featured uShip for seven seasons between 2012-2015.

Or the way folks at BP3 would look at it, uShip addresses the processes required to make partial truckload shipments economical and scale-able in the market. What they've accomplished so far is pretty incredible.

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