A Career in #BPM Pays Off

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Scott Francis

Lest there be any doubt that BPM skills are in demand, Tom Baeyens has pointed out that SimplyHired stats claims the average jBPM salary in CA is US$114,000.? Not bad.? Lombardi BPM shows similar numbers.? It supports what we've been saying all along - BPM skills are in demand, and it should be a great career for the next decade (or two, or more).? Its just hard to see "process" going away as an important concept in business. So what the SimplyHired stats tell us is that the technical side of BPM is in demand - regardless of the tool set, there is a mismatch between supply and demand right now that is going to take time to fill - and knowing the technical side of the coin is only half of it - the other half being the business process side of things.? I can tell you from experience that not all great technical people have an interest in business process, and not all of them can make the adjustment to focusing on the process over the technology.

In the meantime, your best bet to get up to speed is to get a job that will let you learn on the job, attend training, etc.? There really aren't any formal education programs at universities that are widely recognized (although there are a small number of universities that have a small number of opportunities to learn about business processes).? There are classes you can take from the software vendors or the likes of Bruce Silver, and there are certification programs-? but no sense paying for certification until you know what you're doing.? Once you get started, then try to take advantage of the many resources on the net, and resources like bpmCamp.

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