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[Editor's note: Ryan Johnston is a solution architect on more than one BPM platform, and leads our business development activities for open source BPM solutions. As a fan of open source systems, he was a big advocate of BrazosOpen - the BPM UI framework that will support those engines! ]

BP3 recently announced the GA release of BrazosOpen, a next-generation forms engine for use with Business Process Management (BPM) engines. BrazosOpen provides capabilities that either aren?t available within traditional BPM forms engines - often provided with a BPM ?platform? - or are very difficult and time-consuming to configure. By leveraging Brazos' capabilities, architects and developers will be able to spend less time on UI design and technology and more time on what matters most - ensuring that business process applications meet the business needs of their companies.

To accomplish this, BrazosOpen provides the following features:

  • Responsive form layouts. BrazosOpen forms are rendered within browsers based on available screen real estate, meaning that forms are optimized for the device on which they?re viewed, whether those are laptop browsers, tablets, or smartphones.
  • Real-time validation capabilities. BrazosOpen forms provide the ability to perform real-time validation, including simple validation such as verification that fields are numeric and more complex validation, which may require real-time calls out to Web services.
  • Advanced UI elements. BrazosOpen provides many advanced UI elements and capabilities, to include the ability to support type-ahead features and the ability to page through data using modern tables.
  • Simple, server-side scripting. BP3 knows that some data that is needed within modern business processes is available within the processes themselves, while other data needs to be sourced from third-party systems. BrazosOpen provides this ability, so that additional data can be represented on your forms to support decision-making processes.

BrazosOpen is provided alongside Brazos Portal, which provides a fully-responsive, advanced portal with TaskDrive? for starting process instances and accessing and organizing your BPM tasks. However, it can also be used on a standalone basis, if you have an existing portal technology that you'd like to use alongside BrazosOpen.

BrazosOpen has initially been designed to complement the feature sets of open-source BPM platforms, though it can be leveraged alongside any modern BPM platform with an available REST API to enhance your users? experiences.

Contact us today for a demo of BrazosOpen?s capabilities!

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