A Bank, a Conference, and a City

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Scott Francis

In Austin this spring, as we do every spring, we held the SXSW-interactive conference.? It started as something modest, an add-on to the well-known music conference of the same name.? But it then grew into the place to be for bloggers and social media. And then it was the place to be for startups.? And it continues to evolve.? In 2017, it felt like ground zero for digital transformation.

And so it comes as no surprise that JP Morgan Chase was in attendance. But I think the *way* they attended was interesting to learn from. They sent their executive responsible for signing up technology and services partners to both speak - about what's moving in their IT investments - as well as bankers who can build relationships with founders and companies that are swarming all over Austin.

You can check out how JP Morgan presents themselves at SXSW with this website that is still up here.

Why we're here in Austin

As an active participant in the global startup ecosystem, we cultivate innovative technology relationships because we understand the importance of disruptive technology as a source of capital and knowledge for our clients and customers.

Our participation in this global venue gives us the opportunity to help tech companies find partners, source capital, connect with thought leaders and build vendor relationships. We want to play the best role we can in fueling a digital revolution in Austin.

And they were kind enough to make their executives available to me as both a prospect/customer and a vendor.? They engaged in Techstars' awesome space downtown, as well as co-sponsored the Entrepreneur's Lounge just above the Fogo de Chao.

This is what it looks like when a major banking institution takes startups, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation seriously.? They fan out into the world outside New York or headquarters and go look at all the fin-tech and startups and vendors - and customers - that they can.? It's just smart business. If you're a bank not doing this kind of outreach, you're leaving cards on the table for other banks to play.? It's hard work but it is good work.

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