8 Years Ago... and Ten Years Ago

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8 Years ago I used Swarm (aka Foursquare) for the first time. I got a nice reminder of it the other day in my app.? It is still how I track the restaurants I've tried (always hard to remember the name of that great restaurant you tried in Kansas City or Denver, Swarm makes it easy).? This year, the iPhone is 10 years old.

Think back 8 years ago. The iPhone was still a novelty, though there were millions of them.? Blackberry was still crushing it. Apps were shiny and new, and even if you didn't know what the long-term value would be, it was exciting to try them and attempt to extrapolate. Apps were literally hot off the presses, and they were largely launching at SXSW.? Twitter and Foursquare probably had the most successful SXSW launches in 2006/7 and 2009 respectively (to my recollection).

10 years ago, we started BP3. And within 3 months of starting BP3, I had to buy an iPhone because my co-founder Lance Gibbs kept showing off things his iPhone could do that my Blackberry Pearl could not.? There is nothing more annoying to the lead techie than having a CEO who is more plugged in technically than you are.? So I went in and canceled my contract and bought an iPhone and switched to AT&T (the only option at the time).

Almost ten years ago, Phil Gilbert, our CTO and President at Lombardi while Lance and I worked there, penned a blog post about "the Second Decade of BPM".? Having worked with him for some of the first decade of BPM, we loved the vision he laid out for the second decade of BPM.? He proposed three key needs:

  • The need to communicate - you have to make business improvement personal
  • The need to automate - you have to drive productivity and re-use
  • The need for talent - you need to be able to assess risk, plan, and lead

And at BP3, we were fulfilling those needs our own way - filling the need for talent for many of our customers, automating repetitive work and and systems, and communicating and collaborating with our clients.? For nearly a decade since we've been hard at work bringing BPM programs to live around the world, putting great UI in the hands of many process participants through Brazos, and growing to meet the demands of many new clients.

It's been a great honor in my life to be part of building this company with Lance, our team, our clients, and our partners. As I mentioned above, the first decade has been all about BPM - and business process.? But the second decade of BP3 will be about something more.? Lance's new book- Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus - successfully makes the argument that none of us can deliver a great customer experience with skin-deep commitment to it.? If we want to deliver a great customer experience, we have to do it substantively by empowering and authorizing the employee in their work experience - and it has to be rooted in culture, habit, and practice.

The next decade looks to be the decade of Digital Transformation - or more accurately perhaps - Digital Business Transformation.? If we're going to make that transformation happen at BP3 and for our clients, we have to be committed to the employee experience, and to real reflection about customer journeys and how our clients can bring more value to their customers.? And we can't operationalize the changes to our business without adapting core systems and business processes - and decisions - to the new digital outside-in? imperatives.

At Driven 2017, we are going to unpack digital, process, decisions, and the technologies that are driving the digital revolution - Blockchain, RPA, Machine Learning - and the organizational elements that interfere with real progress - through change management and customer journeys.? It is going to be an amazing experience.

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