7 years of Gratitude, and Fortunes that Come in Threes

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Scott Francis

Seven years ago, I joined Lance to help start BP3.? I've shared this story before, but recently retold the story and thought I'd share again here.

I had a good conversation over dinner at First Chinese BBQ in Austin, with my wife, her sister, and my daughter (if you haven't tried it, you should - order the Ma Po Tofu, trust me).? Over dinner, we talked about the decision, I let her know that I really felt like it was time to leave Lombardi and help Lance get BP3 going.? She listened, and agreed.? And there's nothing better than starting a new endeavor with the full support of your life partner. We both knew that it would mean many nights away from Austin on the road, working with customers.? We both knew that it meant more financial risk for years to come.? But we both knew that this was an opportunity to build a company that Lance and I would be really proud of.

When the bill arrived, with three fortune cookies, we each opened one.? Mine had three fortunes in ONE cookie.? I've never had that happen before or since.? Here the are:

?Now is the time to try something new.?
?You have executive ability. Apply this in the future!?

?Your present plans are going to succeed if you stick to them.?

Call it serendipity.?? When a decision feels right, you'll find reinforcing signposts everywhere you look.? We tried something new. I applied my "executive ability(!)".? And our present plans have succeeded nicely.? I couldn't be prouder of the company we've been building, the team and family we're a part of at BP3.? And 5 years ago when I wrote about this decision in 2009, I wrote:

I couldn?t ask for a better team to work with, and I?m very grateful to the customers and partners who saw fit to invest in our success, just as we invest in theirs.

I'm happy to say that in 2014, with more than 10x the employees and many more customers - I am even more grateful, and even more convinced that doing right by customers and the team is its own reward.

When we started the company, we knew eventually we wanted to write software.? And to start our Labs group (even before we had a name for it, we had the idea for what that group would do to transform our business).? We didn't have a vision for Brazos UI or Brazos Portal when we started- but the creation of those products is entirely consistent with our philosophy and approach to investing in technology to leverage our expertise, to improve our business, and to improve our customers' outcomes.

Finally, I want to also thank Lance, who has been our compass and fearless leader for all of these years, and who shared my vision of building a company like BP3.? Together we've taken the contrarian bet on so many decisions, and seen the fruits of zigging when others zag, and zagging when others zig.? Lance has kept us focused on the long-term and the right answers for customers from start to finish.

To our customers and team mates, thank you for joining us on this ride, the next 7 years will be even better!




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