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Scott Francis

We've been doing our all-hands meeting in the late summer or early fall for the last 4 years - this year will be our fifth. And the fifth comes at a time when our company seems to be firing on all cylinders.? Every year our meeting has felt a little too short to cover everything.? A little too hurried.? This year we're taking more time to do it right.? We have 2.5 days to iron it all out. It has been critical to the growth of our company to do this meeting every year - this is when our far-flung group gets together to socialize and build on professional relationships that span many years.

And we're excited to be making a key change this year.? We're re-branding our meeting to "BPMCAMP" and running it as a mini conference.? Parallel sessions with great content are planned. I can't wait.? Because while I'll have a speaking role, I'm going to be much more excited to sit in the audience and learn from our team.

I'm also excited about a couple of top-notch guest-speakers.

But that's not enough.? We've invited a few select customers into the tent.? They're going to get an insight into how BP3 operates that few have ever had, and I think they'll benefit from that exposure.? This has been a decision that has surprised our colleagues and fellow business owners.? So let me walk through the thought process...

  • We're going to put together conference-quality content for our own team...
  • We're going to have the kind of candor only a tight-knit team can have...
  • We're going to organize sessions and logistics like a conference...
  • We'd like to share most of the content with our customers...
  • Maybe we should invite our customers...
  • We think our brand and presence within our customers has enough gravitas to make a conference attractive...
  • When we tested the idea with a couple of our customers, they loved it.? Vote of confidence led to action!

It is tempting to focus on the risks when mingling customers and employees.? But what we see is upside. More intimacy, more collaboration, more open-minded learning.? More "voice of customer" perspective injected into our team.

Everyone talks about customers being paramount. We're going to walk the walk.


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