2015: Year in Review

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Scott Francis

It's feels like a bit of a broken record to say that 2015 was a good year for BPM and BP3 - but a good year it was.? BPM continues to penetrate the corporate landscape, and continues to generate ROI for companies that adopt and deploy smartly.? There's more consensus than ever on the more expansive definition of BPM. And we increasingly see BPM vendors taking a broader go-to-market approach with their products (Pega pursuing Salesforce in CRM, for example; Appian and K2 taking more of an "app development" platform approach, IBM and Cognitive and API economy). The opportunities for companies that really understand BPM have never been better.

At BP3 we're sticking to our core mission - value for customers, and a relentless focus on getting better every year.? Some highlights from 2015:

  • We deployed more processes to production than ever in 2015.? We also had a record number of flights and hotel nights (Airline and Hotel industries, you're welcome!)
  • We grew revenue by more than 50% in 2015 over 2014.? We fight hard every day for our customers' success, and we work hard to anticipate their future needs and build the kind of company that can address those needs.? As a result, we're seeing a very healthy growth rate as a side effect.?
  • As a result, we posted our fifth consecutive appearance on the Austin Fast 50.?
  • We also appeared again on the ABJ's list of Best Places to Work in Austin in 2015.?
  • Better still, we appeared for the first time on Fortune's Best Small Companies to Work For list - a huge honor for our team.
  • On behalf of our BP Labs team, we took home a 2015 Best CTO in Austin award as well.?
  • BPMCAMP 2015 was a dramatic improvement over the 2014 edition, featuring more than 3x as many customers, and more employees as well - 171 attendees in all.? 2016's BPMCAMP promises to be yet another step up. There isn't another IBM BPM partner that could pull off a customer conference this good.
  • Our BP3 UK & Europe team continues to grow. Together, we've really built a great business around BPM in Europe.? It is a first rate team in London, Portugal, Ukraine, and starting in January - Germany - that really represents us well.? We couldn't be prouder of the business-building our team has done.? If you're implementing BPM in Europe, our team is the one you want to work with.
  • Brazos Portal, Brazos UI Enterprise, and Brazos Charts continue to spread good UI to our customers and BPM practitioners near and far. Adoption of these products has only increased over the last 6 months in particular, with some major customers wins. Another 400 BPM developers signed up as registered developers in 2015, an order of magnitude more than any other UI framework on IBM BPM.
  • We've signed up over 30 partners to resell BP3 software and services to the BPM market, thanks to the hard work of our development team and our channel team - creating products people want, and lining up partnerships that work.
  • We launched Neches into the world in 2015, a first-of-its-kind static analyzer for IBM BPM models.? We also gave a presentation at bpmNEXT that put us in the running for best in show.?
  • Our offices have expanded yet again, accommodating even more future organic growth.
  • We continued to speak at conferences around the world, including Interconnect 2015, bpmNEXT 2015, BPM Portugal 2015, BPMCAMP, and several smaller events in Europe and the US.? Expect to see more of us in 2016!
  • We also welcomed 23 new members of the BP3 team in 2015 - we're honored to have them working with us going forward.

Over the holidays our BP Labs team fielded important issues and supported production deployments for our customers on Christmas and New Year's, once again making both myself and our customers grateful to have their help all year 'round.

I just want to take one more opportunity to say thank you to our customers, our team, and our partners for making this the best year yet for BP3.? Let's work together to make 2016 even better!

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