2013: Year in Review

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Scott Francis

2013 was a great year for BPM.? Oh, it is tempting to dismiss the consolidation and foundation-building that happened in 2013 as a lack of innovation, but you don't have to be an Apple fan to relate to the general malaise that sets in with Tech when a particular technology area is incremental in nature.? It turns out, all these "boring" incremental improvements lead to shockingly exciting improvement over time.? And those boring incremental improvements are hard-won by engineers and scientists and software developers and manufacturers all over the world.

More exciting in the short term for BPM is a new emphasis on design, and renewed emphasis on multi-disciplinary approaches to solving business process problems.? There are certainly those that want to divide BPM into smaller pieces, but the arc of BPM is pretty clear, in that it will continue to be the home of multi-disciplinary approaches to managing business.? Rather than be frustrated by the many factions and perspectives applied to business improvement, BPM practically celebrates the idea of mashing them together and picking the best combination to suit the problem(s) at hand, rather than treating every problem as a nail.

BPM is not a game for purists - it is a game for the practical, pragmatic among us.? It is a good feeling to see that pragmatic approach being rewarded all through 2013, and leading into the new year in 2014.

A quick recap of a great 2013 for BP3:

  • We successfully launched Brazos, the best UI toolkit for IBM BPM on the market. It was a huge hit at IBM Impact. It helped us win several competitive BPM evaluations.
  • We didn't just launch Brazos, we got it deployed.? And we put it in the hands of hundreds of developers in the field.? It is changing the way people build UI for BPM.
  • We had a great experience and the honor of presenting to peers at bpmNEXT.
  • We demonstrated a proof of concept of Brazos on Activiti, thanks to our great interns!
  • We became the official US provider of enterprise support for Activiti - the official Activiti page is here.
  • We continued to re-sell IBM BPM successfully in 2013, leveraging our strengths in delivery, mobile, and process improvement.? We have the best IBM BPM expertise in the world, and it shows.? I believe we'll start of 2014 with more IBM BPM sales.? We love the opportunity to bring the BP3 experience start-to-finish with our customers.
  • We continued to help customers succeed with BPM in all phases of the game - our most important accomplishment of the year.? I've never seen such great reviews and referrals as we received this past year, for any company I've worked with.? The references and accolades we get from customers are more important than any other recognition we receive.
  • We grew our team by 80% this year, preparing for the work we're going to do in 2014, which will be a big increase.? We added to our sales and management team, as well as our delivery team.? And we grew our BP Labs team tremendously to step up our R&D and Support operations for our customers.? The people we hired are top-notch and are going to help get BP3 to the next level.
  • We grew our revenue more than 30% in 2013 over 2012, and the value of our sales contracts more than doubled, which sets us up for a great 2014.? Our pipeline and business opportunities have never been better.? But most importantly to us, we are seeing leverage on our great customer references, our great technology investments, and our fantastic personnel.
  • Our intern program was fantastic again, and we also hired again out of college.
  • We once-again made the Austin Fast-50 list, despite much tougher competition this year.
  • Our all-hands meeting was top-notch.? The golfing, however, left something to be desired! Our third year in a row.
  • A BP3 branded guitar was even spotted in the office...

2014 seems like a good time to ask the same questions we asked in 2013:

  • How do you want to improve your business?
  • How do you want to align strategy and process execution?
  • How do you want to improve your BPM delivery efforts?



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