10 Years of Blogging

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Scott Francis

Our tenth anniversary on this blog came and went without notice - but after I saw Fred Wilson post about his 15 years of blogging, I realized this year (2018) is our tenth anniversary blogging on behalf of BP3, with more than 2100 posts in the rear-view mirror.

Fred is one of the best - and one of my inspirations to start this blog.? Another inspiration was Sandy Kemsley's excellent Column 2, and Keith Swenson's Thinking Matters. And there were other inspirations like Daring Fireball and Steve Blank that I found later on.

The community of writers and bloggers is something special.? It has ebbed and flowed over time - at one point Google Reader drove readership - and allowed all of us to collect our favorite blogs into something of a "daily read" newspaper of our choosing. When it was cancelled, it took me a while to settle on Feedly as the home for my blog tracking. But many readers of blogs simply moved to social media (Twitter or Facebook) or to Medium (the walled garden blog).? I think that is to the detriment of free-thinking independent blogging.? But often the wheel turns and perhaps the independent blogs will come back around. There is something nice about owning your own publishing, rather than relying on the whims of others.

Fred's blog has been an amazing value to his readers, myself included.? He described it as a first-thing-in-the-morning routine - whereas for me, late evening is my time of choice for writing (it is approaching 10pm as I write this post). Like Fred, I find that writing the blog has improved my ability to communicate with the written word.? It has also taught me some humility as I've engaged in tough debates, and as I've found words misunderstood or miscommunicated.? It's been good for me.? And I think it has been good for BP3 that anyone who thinks about working with us can find our authentic voice right here on the site.

If you've been reading this blog, thank you - I hope it continues to bring some value to your (nearly) daily reading.? Please feel free to engage in the discussion - it's always welcome!

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