Be Worthy of A Champion

  • August 20, 2013
  • Scott

Marco Arment, responding to Paul Stamatiou’s “Android Is Better” post, makes a great point:

“The Android community lacks a champion. An evangelist that doesn’t obsess over hardware specs and has a broader appeal. Someone that vividly illustrates how Android can fit into the ebb and flow of your daily life as it has mine. And sure, even someone to encourage budding developers to take their next idea to Android. Where is the Marco Arment or John Gruber of Android? We’ll get there.”

I’m honored by the suggestion that I’m somehow helping iOS, but in reality, I’m not that important. iOS helps itself, especially in developers’ eyes, by delighting its customers so they keep coming back, being a pleasure to develop for (compared to most platforms), and attracting a healthy ecosystem of better users to develop most apps for.

This is a fascinating exchange.  Paul posits that the Android community just needs a champion or evangelist that doesn’t obsess on hardware specs.  Marco rightly points out that that isn’t how it works.  If you delight your customers, users, and/or developers, the John Grubers and Marco Arments will become apparent, as they invest their time, effort, and considerable talents and skills in your platform.

Message to companies like BP3 – delight customers, be worthy of the champions.

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