Baseline: BPM Makes Carlsberg Danmark More Efficient

  • September 12, 2016
  • Scott

Carlsberg_Profile_Bottle_DropsKenneth Lindegaard’s article in Baseline spent much of the week last week on the front page, describing how Carlsberg Denmark (Danmark) achieves efficiencies with BPM.  Carlsberg Danmark has been a BP3 customer for a couple of years now, and it was really gratifying to see their hard work and success rewarded by this article in Baseline.  Kenneth started off by describing the context and the opportunity for improvement:

Carlsberg also provides a variety of equipment, ranging from glass-front beverage coolers for bars and restaurants to top-opening models that customers can find next to a cashier in a store. Our warehouse in Denmark sent out stock availability and order status reports to our field consultants up to three times a day.

Until 2015, this process had also been a manual one, in which field consultants would have to exchange calls and emails to verify that equipment was in stock, being shipped or delayed. Consultants didn’t have real-time access to inventory, which could create errors in orders or deliveries.

And then the investment to address the opportunity, which leveraged BP3’s Brazos Platform for IBM BPM.  Of particular value is the fact that Brazos supports all the form factors Carlsberg is targeting – from the desktop to the iPad, iOS or Android devices:

While researching the solution, one of my developers found a free tool kit made by BP3 Global for customizing our BPM interface.

The tool kit allows a developer to bundle parts of a BPM solution for use across multiple process applications. After downloading the free version, we used the tool kit to accelerate our BPM development.

Once we began moving to the BPM platform, my team knew that the equipment ordering and delivery processes, in particular, would have to be compatible with the iPads our company was buying for executives and field consultants. With the tool kit, we optimized the BPM platform’s user interfaces for iPads, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.

Our company can’t really imagine a better use for BPM than ordering beer.  And as a founder of BP3, it doesn’t get any better than a customer achieving incredible success with your software.

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