Austin's Good Year: 2014

  • February 6, 2015
  • Scott

Built in Austin has an annual report out on Austin startups. It has some great stats:

  • $993M in funding, 123% increase.
  • 1115 companies founded
  • 31 exits
  • $437M+ from exists!

The article gives great props to Capital Factory, Bootstrap, Brett Hurt, Austin Technology Council, and events like SXSW all gather prominent mentions in the story of Austin startups.  There’s a lot going on:

“What is really interesting is the amount of people moving here and doing their second startup,” said Steve Welch, founding partner of accelerator DreamIt Ventures. “In a lot of ways the people who are coming in from the outside with experience are benefiting first time entrepreneurs.”

Congrats to all the companies with funding or exits in 2014 – no doubt all of this activity and liquidity will be very good for the local Austin economy!  Having a positive environment around us in Austin has inspired us to reach higher with our own business.  It was a good year for startups in Austin, here’s to another great year in 2015!


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