Austin Business Journal: BP3 is #23 in the Austin Fast 50

  • October 18, 2013
  • Scott

We are happy to report that we repeated in the Austin Fast 50 list this year – at number 23 on the list.  In a sign that the economy is improving, the required compounded annual growth rate to be on the list was north of 50%!  And the top finalized grew 291% compounded over the last two years (yes, that’s right, 1430 percent overall).

We just attended the award event tonight, and after logging in at 145% growth over the last two years, and we finished #23 on the list-  which is just a testament to how many privately owned companies are really growing like gangbusters in Austin.  I noticed a trend this year in real estate, finance, and construction companies really having a fantastic two year record – riding the wave of growth in Austin.  Also, more of the companies are venture-backed, which bodes well for their backers.

The Austin Business Journal’s summary:

For more than a decade, we’ve been calling on companies to submit their revenue numbers for this annual contest. There’s no subjectivity here. Companies are ranked solely by cold, hard revenue growth during the past three years.

If you’re in the market for what they’re selling, consider giving them your business. If you’re a job seeker, these companies are right up your alley. If you’re looking for a stout strategic partner, deep-pocketed client or your next competitive threat, there’s a good chance they’re a click away.

Well, we won’t find too much reason to argue with that. Congratulations to all the winners in the Fast 50 – there are truly some great Austin companies represented, and it was pretty cool to be there among them.

As we’ve said many times, however, growth isn’t a goal, it is the side-effect of the goal.  The goal is to be a great partner to our customers.  To be the best BPM services firm.  To extract the most value for our customers.  To build the best TEAM in the business.  If we keep doing those things, I think the growth will organically take care of itself.  We’ll just keep at it and be patient.


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  • Interesting footnote: Last year, our 2 year growth was 155% – and we were #8 on the list. Dropping to #23 you might wonder if BP3 isn’t growing as fast… not so! But the 145% we posted this year would have been #10 on the list last year – and this year it was #23 – reflecting just how strong the economic growth in Austin has been for small and private businesses!