Austin: B2B Innovation Hub?

  • March 4, 2013
  • Scott

Reading about why TapSavvy Chose Austin (in the spirit of the I Choose Austin meme), there’s a current running underneath the reasons why they chose Austin: Austin has become home to B2B innovation.  Mike Maples Jr. has talked about it previously, as the intersection of social and business. It makes Austin a good home for firms that are a bit more serious in nature – a bit more “enterprise” in outlook.

TapSavvy’s assessment of other locations was pretty interesting:

On Silicon Valley: “For those reasons and others the conventional wisdom says go here.  But they say success is the catalyst for failure.  If there is a bubble in early stage capital (which is the subject of another article entirely), it is most certainly centered in the valley.”

On New York and LA: “Some we spoke to lamented that LA and New York seem to value a slick presentation with a well formatted business plan rather than a visionary idea or well-formed team.  This would be a shame, if true, since – as those of us who read Steve Blank’s book know – ‘no business plan survives first contact with customers.’ “

On Seattle: “I can say from my own experiences living in the Emerald City that there is certainly a thriving and growing community of entrepreneurs.  The other side of that coin, however, is you should be prepared to have SAD employees and a tough sell job recruiting outside talent away from their sunny California dreams.”

On Austin: ” I mean sure, we had heard of SXSW, but who would dream of starting a tech startup in the middle of Texas instead of Silicon Valley?  Well when we really dug deeper the word on the street was that while the valley is the consumer startup capital, Austin is quickly becoming the B2B startup capital.”

Sound about right to me.  Welcome to Austin, TapSavvy – and good luck!


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  • Yaniv Tal

    Thanks Scott! Just came across this post. Here’s to making Austin the new startup place to be.