Apple and Austin, Sitting in a Tree

  • December 27, 2013
  • Scott

The love affair between Apple and Austin continues.  Not only is Apple expanding its operations center here (to an eventual 7,000 employees) – Apple is also building the Mac Pro here.

It is exciting to see PC-production (or assembly) return to Austin, where we used to produce quite a few PCs in Dell’s heyday.  It is a little ironic that it is Apple bringing the PC business back to Austin, though, considering the history of the two companies.

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday said the company has started producing its next generation of personal computers in Austin.
Cook’s announcement on Twitter confirms what was already widely thought in Central Texas and beyond — that Apple’s new Mac Pro was being produced at the Flextronics Americas factory in Northwest Austin.
“We have begun manufacturing the Mac Pro in Austin,” Cook tweeted this morning. “It’s the most powerful Mac ever. Orders start tomorrow.”

Flextronics is operating the facility, only a mile away from Apple’s Americas Operations Center in Northwest Austin.

Perhaps it will be a first step toward building some other high-end, moderate volume products closer to their end-markets.


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