Appian Forum Updates from Sandy

  • October 29, 2009
  • Scott

If you can’t make it to a BPM conference, Sandy gives you your best bet to keep tabs on it from afar.  According to her posts, nearly 300 attendees (customers, partners, analysts) attended, proving a point I made in a previous post, that there is a demand for conferences that are reasonably priced and a bit more tactically focused – and vendor-focused conferences are one way to achieve that focus. Look for more on that subject in this space soon…

A quick run-down of Sandy’s coverage:

  • Don’t underestimate BPM, a keynote by Jim Sinur of Gartner
  • Appian Corporate Update, in which Appian discloses a 150% revenue increase and 58% customer increase (I’m not sure if the latter is including or excluding their Appian Anywhere service, however).  This is significantly faster growth than Pega has reported, for example, and a good sign of the health of the BPM market.
  • Appian 6 Product Update, with a focus on portal-building and being able to export all of the process as xml, so that it can be versioned in a source control system (this process sounds familiar to me from some other vendors).
  • Customer Panel. Most interesting point Sandy reports is that the four customers cited all advised small projects to start – either because that’s what they did, or because they had bad experiences going with bigger projects first.
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