Another Company Moving to Austin: BlackLocus

  • November 16, 2011
  • Scott

Nice to see more companies bringing talent and jobs to Austin. BlackLocus joins the list this week with news coverage from AustinStartup and the Austin-American Statesman:

BlackLocus, a technology company founded in 2009 by three Carnegie Mellon University students, is making Austin its headquarters to take advantage of the area’s cloud computing talent pool.

The company, which sells Web software that helps e-commerce companies price their products, raised $2.5 million from Silverton Partners of Austin and DFJ Mercury of Houston in July.

Since then, BlackLocus has built out its senior management team and is working to double its 15-person workforce over the next two quarters.

AustinStartup has a more personal touch to their coverage:

“We are excited to join the high tech community in Austin,” said Rodrigo Carvalho, co-founder and CEO of Black Locus.  “We have been graciously welcomed. The technology companies here and the people behind them want to see others succeed. Everyone has been so helpful. It comes down to the networking, the resources and the top tier talent. Austin was our top pick. “

They also covered a couple of the recent team additions, which happen to include my friend Rob Taylor, previously of TrueCar, and Trebor Carpentor, previously of Lombardi, of all places.  It is a small world.

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