Announcing a New Office for BP3

  • January 13, 2010
  • Scott

The Plaza 7000 BuildingBP3 will be moving into new digs come February 1.  Doing this move at the beginning of the year feels like good timing too.  A new year with new goals and objectives – and new professional space to go with it – very much a fresh start but with great foundations. Choosing a new office space is important, because it can affect your firm’s personality.  Is it a space people want to come to work in?  Is it a space that promotes collaboration and a professional environment?  We’ve definitely found such a space in the Plaza 7000 building in Austin.  (I should point out that we have a modest space within this fine facility, lest the picture give a different impression)

I’m pretty psyched about the new space as I think it will be a better work environment and offers some better nearby amenities, along with room to grow.  Of course our needs are modest, but most importantly, the new office is still near a local Starbucks…  Some people have asked me in the past – why have office space at all?  After all, we travel a fair amount to client sites, we don’t always get to work out of home base.  And then there is the expense.  But I think the explanation is simple: we’re building a company – a team – and that requires working together, sharing and collaborating.  And sharing workspace is part of building a community and team and having a center of gravity.  The virtual forms of communication are all great, and useful, and keep us connected with our team members who aren’t in Austin, or who are on the road.  But it still helps to have a home base.  The cost is minimal compared to the benefit.

You’ll find us at the corner of Far West and Mopac at the Plaza 7000 building in Austin after February 1st, though mail will continue to forward for some time from our old mailing address. I also want to thank Red Velvet Events, who will be helping us coordinate the move, and will be subletting space from us in the new building.

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