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  • March 29, 2015
  • David

We’re proud to announce three new releases as of Friday, March 27th.  Brazos Portal continues to be the very best user interface for organizing and completing process-based and task-based work.  Brazos UI is the best user interface for business process and case management tasks.  Together they’re a powerful combination – responsive, attractive, and now, internationalized and localize-able.

Brazos UI Lite and Brazos UI Enterprise both have new releases out – 3.18.1.  Full release notes here.

v3.18.1 – 2015-03-26
Lite and Enterprise Release

  • [Bug Fix] [Date Time Picker]: The Date Time Picker now shows an error message when a date is entered with an invalid format. Piror to this fix, the invalid date value was simply blanked out.
  • [Bug Fix] [Date Time Picker]: When using the UTC configuration option, the date selected was potentially being shifed by one day depending on the users time zone. Using the UTC configuration option will now set the UTC date and set the time to 12:00:00. The intention of this setting is for users around the world to all see the same date regrardless of their time zone.
  • [Improvement] [BPM 8.5.6]: Brazos UI and Brazos UI Examples for BPM 8.5.6 no longer include the IBM BPM Coaches toolkit. The Coaches toolkit is needed in BPM versions prior to 8.5.6 in order for validations to function properly. This issue was resolved by IBM in 8.5.6, so the Coaches toolkit is no longer needed.

We had previously committed to get Brazos Lite updated after IBM BPM 8.5.6 release was produced, and we’re happy to have met that commitment before the end of the month!   Those of you still using a Brazos 2.0 version or an old Lite version, there are a lot of fixes and improvements in the current Brazos UI Lite v.3.18.1  I strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest Lite version, or pick up the support package + Enterprise.

Also, we have a new and improved Brazos Portal.  There are some critical updates – including localization support.  We’ve started things off with a Danish translation.  I think another interesting tidbit is having more than 3 columns.  This is a game changer for viewing the data that supports processes.

US282 Dates, numbers, and standard text are now displayed in the correct format/language based on the user’s locale.
US1173 Brazos Portal can now be translated into languages other than English. A Danish translation is available and other languages will be added based on customer requests.
US1256 Business data variables not used in group columns or filters can be defined in custom builds so they are always available for search.
US1268 Brazos Portal users can now reassign tasks to other users.
US1296 User can now display more than three columns of task/instance data in task groups.
DE658 When creating or editing a group, the type-ahead on filter definitions now works correctly for business variables

 [Editor’s note: Really proud of our team for continuing to just crank out great improvements to our core product offering.  This is our 6th minor release of Brazos Portal – by comparison a major BPM vendor that we integrate with has almost released a technology preview of a portal that has just some of our capabilities, and doesn’t allow you to federate activities across a wide range of process-based or task-based work across a number of different products.  There’s really nothing like Brazos Portal on the market…  And Brazos UI has had a release to a customer nearly every week for the last year.  It is the most responsive development and maintenance team I’ve ever worked with – Scott]

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  • “by comparison a major BPM vendor that we integrate with has almost released a technology preview” – Sounds like they may have an execution problem 🙂

    • Maybe – but I think it is a “focusing on the wrong thing” problem first. This vendor could be buying key innovations and plugging them into the sales machine, instead they are slowing time to market by slow-following those innovations… and not focusing that internal effort on things that no one else can do.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Engineering led organizations are predisposed to always answer the “Build vs. Buy” question with “Build!!!”… when they know darn well that they don’t have the bandwidth to do so.