Activiti Designer 5.7 Released

  • July 7, 2011
  • Scott

Activiti keeps rolling with its incremental releases – impressively so.  In this release, we see new quick-edit capabilities in the Activiti Designer (essentially, it looks like it let’s you model original process / user tasks in the designer directly, skipping the Activiti Modeler), and changing the element type of a BPMN element after it has been added to the canvas – shortening edit times for quick changes (e.g. choosing the wrong gateway type and then wanting to change it after the fact).

Some of these are features that have been in the commercial tools for a while – but despite the rapid progress of Activiti, and great community support, it takes time to catch up to some of the more user-oriented features and conveniences.  So far, I think the Activiti team is doing a great job of making a little progress in each release.

The Activiti in Action blog has great coverage of some of these features, including short videos that aptly illustrate usage.  I assume this designer update will be part of an upcoming Activiti release as well.


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  • Tijs Rademakers

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for covering the new Activiti Designer release!
    The new Activiti Designer release is already available at the Eclipse update site And it will be part of the new Activiti release in August.


    Tijs Rademakers
    Lead developer Activiti Designer

    • Tijs, when I follow that link it doesn’t work for me… is there a permissions wrapper?

      • Tijs Rademakers

        Scott, The URL is only working from Eclipse, as it’s an Eclipse update site. You can also download a ZIP file containing the Activiti Designer artifacts from