Identifying the Major Anti-Patterns to Business Value

  • June 3, 2013
  • Scott

Perhaps more useful than telling you the right things to do in your BPM projects, is helping you identify the “anti-patterns” to their business value.  Avoiding them, or not, sets the stage for project success.  The whitepaper, Identifying the Anti-Patterns, authored by BP3 CEO Lance Gibbs, teaches you to identify the common “anti-patterns” that jeopardize BPM projects.

If your organization is new to Business Process Management (combining Business Process Improvement and Technology to create a managed outcome) or looking to reinvigorate its BPM programs, there are anti-patterns you need to be aware of. This paper will focus on some of the major patterns to avoid and how to recognize when these situations may be present. Each is described in terms of “what one might hear” and then consequently what they may be telling you, reading between the lines.

It is a little bit of tough love, a look in the mirror at how your BPM projects might be off-course.  I highly recommend reading it.    Here’s the link again to get you started: Identifying the Anti-Patterns by Lance Gibbs

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