Neches Process Analysis Tool

Neches for Analysis is an automated way for BPM development teams to quickly understand the potential maintenance problems being created during the development of a process application.

Development teams all over the world are using Neches at the end of every development iteration to ensure they are producing maintainable code and following BPM development best practices.

What is a Neches Score?

A Neches for Analysis score falls between 0 and 999. There is no absolute “good score” in Neches. The goal is not a perfect score but rather a guidance or jumping off point to determine the risk of the solutions implementation. The score is simply attempting to articulate what items might be difficult to understand, modify, or maintain.

The Value of a Neches Score

How many high severity findings do you have? How many Neches Rules did your application pass? How much has your Neches for Analysis score grown? How many artifacts are you adding in a single iteration? Each finding is accompanied by the rationale for the best practices and a set of steps developers can take to avoid the potential issue.

Get Neches

Neches is a cloud software available through most browsers. Sign up and upload your BPM Process Application. We'll parse it and give you back the score for free. Want to know more? Buy credits to look at the findings or contact us for more info.