Bringing the Best BPM Experience

Building customized mobile BPM interfaces doesn’t have to be hard. BrazosOpen is a responsive and extensible UI framework designed to bring the single page application experience to open source process engines. It allows you to quickly and easily build UIs customized to your users’ preferences and leverages their devices’ common user interface elements such as selection lists, date pickers, radio buttons, calendars – and most importantly, touch. BrazosOpen is responsive so you can create mobile BPM interfaces that allow your users to manage their work on the go. Build one interface and use it across all of your devices.

BrazosOpen comes with a BP3 support contract, so building and maintaining your processes is as simple as can be. You will have a direct line to the team that built BrazosOpen, with the option of on-demand 24/7 support.

Key Benefits of BrazosOpen

Why Should I Use BrazosOpen?

BrazosOpen allows you to take ownership of the BPM end user experience. The ability to build a UI to your users’ preferences can help you sell your processes to your customers or your business, increasing adoption and acceptance of important process improvements. With BrazosOpen, build one interface and use it across all of your devices. It looks fantastic on desktop or laptop browser, and equally great on a mobile phone or tablet. That translates into happy users It is also integrated with the Brazos Portal, BP3’s next-generation, customizable process portal. Now you can view and manage your work on open source process engines the way you want.

BrazosOpen Platforms

You can use BrazosOpen on a number of platforms. Contact us if you would like to know whether your current open source BPM platform supports BrazosOpen.

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