The Most Popular IBM BPM UI Toolkit Available

The Brazos UI toolkit allows you to customize your IBM BPM experience. Use the toolkit to create the interface that works best for your users, while leveraging their devices’ built in common user interface elements such as selection lists, date pickers, radio buttons, calendars – and most importantly, touch. Brazos UI is also mobile ready, so your users can access their IBM BPM processes on browsers and devices of all kinds and sizes.

Key Benefits of Brazos UI Toolkit

The Brazos UI toolkit allows you to take ownership of the IBM BPM end user experience. The ability to build an IBM BPM UI to your users’ preferences can help sell your processes to your customers or your business, increasing adoption and acceptance of important process improvements. Brazos UI looks fantastic on a desktop or laptop browser, and it looks equally good on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. That translates into happy users.

At BP3, we use Brazos UI on all of our IBM BPM projects so you can be confident that we will continue investing in constant updates and innovation.

Build more appealing UI’s that are customized to your needs.

Fully integrated with IBM’s Process Designer.

Mobile enable your IBM BPM processes.

For large enterprises: dramatic savings on development costs for maintaining UI frameworks.

Promote user adoption through intuitive business friendly design.

Improve screen real estate with advanced formatting options.

Build one UI that is distributed across all devices.

For smaller enterprises: get the benefits of a large development team for your UI framework.

What's the Difference Between Brazos Enterprise and Brazos Lite?

Brazos UI comes in two versions: Brazos Lite and Brazos Enterprise. Brazos Lite is a limited capability version that is free for all users. Brazos Enterprise is designed for the IBM BPM professional who wants the most customization and control over his or her user experience. It comes with such features as Table, Data Table and Attach File controls. The toolkit was developed using agile technology and as an Enterprise user, you can expect updates as frequently as weekly.

You also get the best BPM support in the industry. With access to the engineering team behind Brazos UI, you can ask questions about controls and submit bug notifications and enhancements requests directly to the experts. Brazos Enterprise is free to all customers with paid BP3 support contracts.

How Do I Use Brazos?

The Brazos UI toolkit is highly intuitive.  To help with any questions that may arise, the toolkit ships with a Brazos Examples process app, user guide and interactive Brazos CSS Generator built with Brazos coach views.

You can find more example videos on our Resources page.

Request Brazos

Please enter your company email as we will not approve requests with personal email accounts. If you would like to share Brazos with your colleagues or customers, we ask you to direct all new users to the registeration via our landing page rather than by passing on the export directly. This preserves our ability to distribute updates and is a reasonable cost of entry for the best UI framework for BPM.