BPLabs has done hundreds of installations and configurations for customers all over the world. Choose the installation and configuration options that is best for your business.

  • DIY: The do it yourself option is great for customers with tight IT requirements. If your team would like to just ask question of an expert but do the install at their own speed, the DIY option is the best for you.
  • Turnkey Installation: The turnkey installation is our white glove service. The BPLabs team will fully install and test your environment.
Installation Services can be purchased in advance of an install and are priced by environment. For example, you can purchase a four environment package and have each installed at different times. BPLabs will perform installations on a fixed-fee basis. You provide remote access to our Labs engineers, and we will provide an expert with hundreds of installs under their belt to perform your installation.

BPLabs Installation includes:

  • LDAP and SSO
  • Validation
  • Recipes for installation steps
  • Clustered or stand-alone installations
  • All operating systems

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