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Networking in the Digital Age – a Few Thoughts

A few weeks ago I participated in a session called “networking in the digital age” at IBM’s Interconnect conference and I thought I’d share some thoughts in a more coherent way here, to a broader audience. First off, there are a

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Why We’re Focused on Native Apps

On the eve of Apple’s new iPhone announcement, it seems appropriate to revisit the web vs. native app debate that has been going on for years.  For a couple years, Facebook has been touting their HTML5 approach from a technical

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A Crack in the GooglePlex Facade

I’m a big fan of Google.  And of the products that Google produces that I use (Gmail, Google Apps, Gtalk, Google search itself).  But lately some of the products from Google are reminding me more and more of Microsoft, which

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Management of the Facebook Generation?

Those who know me well know that one of my pet peeves is the idea that whatever the “next” generation is, that generation must be managed differently, treated differently, etc.  Fortune magazine, which is one of my favorite reads, is

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