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The Zero Code Hypothesis #bpmNEXT

Looking back at bpmNEXT, I’m already sifting and re-sifting through what I learned.  After taking a step back, I think we can characterize many of the sessions as targeting “making BPM easier”… but more specifically, there were a subset of

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Effektif: Spelling it is Harder than Using it

Not too long ago, Tom Baeyens gave demonstrations of Effektif to myself and several other bloggers and analysts.  Sandy Kemsley and Neil Ward-Dutton did such a good job covering the release that I didn’t jump on the bandwagon right away.

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I Had the Same Thought

But David Brakoniecki did a better job describing it: I have yet to see the tool but, if the screenshots from this presentation are anything to go by, the resemblance between Effektif and the process automation pieces of Blueworks is

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