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Steve Blank on Design Thinking vs. Customer Development

I saw this post more than a month ago but it took me a while to come back to it and read it.  Steve Blank has written the definitive works on Customer Development already, and with all the discussion of

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What BPM Can Learn from the Lean Startup

Since the beginning of the SXSW-interactive conference, I’ve posted a few times about the Lean Startup sessions and hinted that they might apply to BPM. Heading into the IBM Impact conference, this feels like the right time to talk about

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Ash Maurya Reconciles Customer Development with Web Apps Business Realities

Interesting blog from Austin’s own Ash Maurya “The Fallacy of Customer Development“, which is really an essay to explain that if you’re developing a web application, rather than enterprise software, you need to apply a different approach to customer development

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White Space & The Dark Matter of BPM Delivery

Most have heard the term “white space” as it refers to business processes. In short, white space are all the things which happen outside the standard process; workarounds effectively. Most of this is un-captured “hidden” work that impacts the overall

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Startup Lessons Learned Conference

Every so often, a conversation builds to critical mass and demands an in-person meet-up.  Eric Ries pulled this show together, and I have to say there is some great video, and there were some great presentations to browse to get

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A Process for Teaching Entrepreneurship?

Steve Blank’s blog has a series of posts regarding the entrepreneurship courses he and his colleagues are teaching at Stanford and Berkeley.  The thing that jumped out at me is that it sure reads like there is a process for

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Why Doesn't "Continuous Improvement" Philosophy Apply to #BPM Vendors?

I’m tired of waiting. I think I’ve been spoiled by the pace of Web 2.0 and I’m no longer patient for each major release of enterprise software. In a world where we can receive application updates to SaaS applications daily,

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The Process Behind Twitter

Interesting tie-in between process and Twitter on GigaOm recently in an article by Jennifer Martinez.  She points out that Biz Stone’s discussion of the future of twitter appears to follow along the lines of Eric Ries’ “Lean Startup“.  Notably, they

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Time Boxing – Yes You Can

Jim Sinur wonders allowed whether you can Time Box BPM efforts effectively… and concludes that in some cases you can, in some cases you can’t.  In favor of the “yes” argument: Benefits flow early and the project sponsors look like

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Recently Austinites (or, some Austinites) expressed frustration (outrage?) that a contract to build a new City website was being filled by a company in California.  Given how many folks there are in Austin who know web design and implementation, and

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