Amazon, Meet San Marcos

So San Marcos just landed a big warehouse from Amazon.  This will help diversify the local economy which is pretty dependent on Texas State San Marcos, and on the huge set of outlet malls. “Amazon’s corporate leadership has accepted an

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BPMCAMP Sessions: Bob Golladay, IBM, and BP3

To open day 2 of BPMCAMP, we had the pleasure of welcoming Bob Golladay, the IBM Smarter Process Leader for Europe.   We wanted to bring Bob to our event for two reasons:  first, because Bob has been instrumental in

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Barriers to BPM: Sophomore Effect

[First in a series on the Barriers to BPM, sharing our stories from the field and remedies] So your first project was a success. Your team toughed it out, and overcame all the challenges to get that first deployment live

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BPMCAMP Sessions: BPM Trends Kickoff

Our CEO, Lance Gibbs, kicked off BPMCAMP with his insights into BPM trends based on the last year’s worth of conversations with customers, prospects, and partners. “intelligent BPM” is impacting customer experience, but isn’t reaching mainstream capability yet. Inhibitors are

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BP3 in the ABJ: Best Places to Work Profile

The Austin Business Journal has been running daily articles on the Best Places to Work in Austin, and last week it was BP3’s turn, most of the text below: Describe your company’s workplace: Our culture isn’t about the ping pong

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Brazos UI – the best UI in BPM? Signs point to yes

At BPMCAMP recently we spent a lot of time reviewing great user interfaces in BPM and how to build them.  Several of our sessions focused on what a great UI looks like for BPM and what it means.  Of course

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Proud of our 2015 Interns

Our 2015 Interns represented well. This year they worked together to expand the scope of Brazos Portal’s compatibility with enterprise software like Asana and Rally.  They also worked out an interesting Apple Watch notification framework.  Both of which demo’ed really

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The Laws of BPM

Great tongue-in-cheek (?) post from Alexander Samarin on the Laws of BPM. Some of it is inside-baseball funny, and some of it is just plain perceptive.  I’d like to add a couple additional laws: 13th Law of BPM BPM will

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Oh the Places You’ll Go

We started BP3 in 2007, and bootstrapped it from just the two of us, to a team, to a company.  We used to quote Blues Brothers on a regular basis, “putting the band back together”…. because we felt like we

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Linkedin vs

Differentiation, and Switching

During a growing market you often can’t differentiate between the vendors as easily. They all appear to be doing well and growing, and so growing ceases to be an interesting indicator of winning.  And it is difficult for new customers

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BPMCAMP Early Returns

  [UPDATE: interested in BPMCAMP 2016?  The sign-up for information is here! ] I’ll have more to post about BPMCAMP as pictures and videos come in, and as I have time to synthesize.  But I’ll just say that it was

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The Value of Being There

In a day and age full of the virtual, perhaps we place a little more value on the personal, and the real. Virtual is better than letters, or email, but it isn’t better than a handshake or a hug, and

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Brazos UI Releases: Enterprise and Lite 4.1

If you’ve been waiting for a refresh of our Brazos UI Lite toolkit, version 4.1 is the version you’ve been waiting for – if this is the first time you’ve registered with BP3, however, try this link instead, which explains

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More BPM Coverage and Trends from MWD

Over the last month or two I’ve noticed a few write-ups of BPM firms from MWD: Software AG’s BPM offering, which due to acquisitions is quite broad, though not often described as well-integrated.  “Looking specifically at the BPM platform provided

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Automation and Process

A recent HBR article tackles Automation and its impact on employment and humanity in “Beyond Automation” by Thomas H Davenport and Julia Kirby.  The premise is the concern you can pick up almost anywhere these days: Familiar as she is

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Clarity and Authority

Another article that leans toward founder-CEO as ideal: Product development requires vision. […] [then, quoting Dorsey:] “You should expect Twitter to be as easy as looking out your window to see what’s happening. […] But Twitter can’t just be the

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Filtering and Recruiting

Jocelyn Goldfein once again weighs in on recruiting, with another great post on Medium: “Read Resumes Backward“.  As a Trilogy alum, you can see that recruiting and quality of people is forefront in her mind – and yet she’s open

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BPMCAMP is coming in just two weeks to the Four Seasons in Austin.  And as the content has come together I’m excited to be a fly on the wall in some of these sessions: Redefining the COE given what we’ve

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The ROI is not Enough

From the recent BPM and Case Management Summit in DC, more interesting notes from Sandy Kemsley, concerning ROI (emphasis added): Second day at the BPM and Case Management summit in DC, and our morning keynote started with Jim Sinur —

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Announcing: Brazos UI Enterprise 4

Our BP Labs team has released Brazos UI Enterprise version 4 last week.  I can’t emphasize enough what an awesome bit of engineering and coordination this release represents. Before we get into the details, let me just say how proud

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BPMCAMP 2015 In 3 weeks

It’s hard to believe BPMCAMP 2015 is only a few weeks away.  The content sessions are shaping up to be truly awesome. This is the conference we want to run for our own team, and we invite customers to join

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OTB 2015

 We recently threw our fourth OTB conference for Trilogy Alumni right here in Austin, Texas.  It was another fantastic event, leveraging the value of a great entrepreneurial network. I’ve become a big believer in the value a conference can add

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Wie geht’s, Frankfurt!

A new direct flight from Austin to Frankfurt is launching in 2016.  It looks like a seasonal route to begin with, just making two round trips per week, but it is a start. I’ll be curious to see how well

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Is Swarming a Legitimate Tactic for BPM?

Lately there’s been some discussion of “swarming” as an organizational response to process needs.  Part of this thought process comes from the ACM crowd, noting natural phenomenon like birds in flight, etc. and noting that organizations properly empowered could also

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OTB2015 and the Power of a Network

This post isn’t about BPM, or BP3.  But it is about Austin, startups, and networks.    We’re hosting the 4th OTB unconference in Austin this weekend.  We’re building value in a conference of former colleagues who used to work together, mostly

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Oh the Humanity

Our thoughts, as expressed in “I for one, Welcome our Robot Overlords,” might have given away our bias on the topic of human curation.  The Monday Note weighs in on the topic vis-a-vis Apple Music. When San Francisco’s de Young

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Congrats to MWD: 10 years!

I just saw this post from Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors. It’s 10 years since we started MWD Advisors… a time before the launch of the iPhone, Twitter and Amazon Web Services, and when Facebook was still a hobby site.

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Legislating Competency: Another Perspective

Anatoly Belaychuk wrote a post in response to one of mine on the topic of legislating competency. We often find ourselves agreeing on topics related to BPM, despite very different backgrounds and experiences with different BPM tools. I take some

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More Please

Austin is really driven by UT talent and energy.  Sometimes the residents and beneficiaries of Austin and UT give back.  Silicon Hills reports that Qualcomm is donating $1M for a new UT Engineering Center. Now, I know enough about these

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BPMN Interchange

BPMN Interchange has been the promised land for BPMN enthusiasts for a long time.  Neil Ward-Dutton has an update from a recent OMG technical meeting in Berlin, where a live-streamed demonstration of interchange was carried out – perhaps the second

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Unfair Advantages and Recruiting

Back in March, on the SXSW-interactive panel that I participated in, one of the things we talked about was how we recruited top college graduates to Austin back in the ’90’s. It would be easy now to assume that Austin

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Behind the Curtain of WWDC

If you’re interested in a view behind the curtain of WWDC and Daring Fireball, this interview between John Gruber and Phil Schiller of Apple, is it. I recommend skipping the profanity laced introduction, however. For those who prefer to read

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Austin’s Best Places to Work 2015: BP3 in the Top 8

Well, BP3 did all right in the Austin awards for Best Places to Work in 2015.  95% of the local work force has to respond to the survey to even be considered, and 70 companies were recognized across four categories.

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For Release: BP3 Named One of the Best Places to Work in Austin

BP3 Global, an innovative BPM software and services provider, named eighth in the Best Places to Work in the Small Business category by the Austin Business Journal. (PRWEB) June 30, 2015 BP3 Global is pleased to announce that it placed

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Neches Analysis Update

[Editor’s note: 3 days, three product release updates.  Our BP Labs team really focuses on what we preach – iterative improvement, regular release schedules, and disciplined development and testing practices] Neches Analysis runs in the cloud, primarily on IBM’s SoftLayer

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Brazos UI Enterprise 3.19.4 Released: The Best UI in BPM gets Better

Brazos UI Enterprise 3.19.4 has been released and is available for download.  You can register for Brazos UI Lite here, and/or request Brazos UI Enterprise. Brazos UI is the best BPM user interface for IBM BPM.  Experience with our customers

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Brazos Portal 1.8 Released

BP3’s BP Labs team continues to deliver a steady drumbeat of software releases at BP3, which is exactly how we want it to work.   Brazos Portal 1.8 is the third release in 2015 for Brazos Portal, and is now available

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BP3 Delivers BPM Training to a Packed House

A couple weeks ago, BP3 successfully delivered BPM training for a training class to a packed room of enthusiastic users and process developers. The class was delivered over three days and targets business analysts for the first day and a

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The Long Game: Customer First

Interesting post from John Gruber at Daring Fireball. Count me as being in the camp that this quote reflects: It’s not a luxury Apple can afford because it’s insanely profitable; rather, it’s the reason why the company is insanely profitable.

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Blueworks Live Best Practices

This post is from Krista White, co-author of our new guide to BP3’s Blueworks Live Best Practices posted below. Krista also works on Neches and the Brazos suite. Over the last few years I’ve noticed an increase in the volume

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BPM Migration: 4 Approaches to Success

This post is from Andrew Paier VP of BP Labs. BP Labs is an extension of our consulting services that provides white glove service to help our customers sleep at night. I like to think of it as the private

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Tech gets all the Press, but Lifestyle Leads the Way

Austin’s tech and startup economies are getting all the press lately. But it is the lifestyle and festivals of Austin that are also key to bringing the growth to Austin. After all, it is the festivals that put heads in

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Custom Components in BrazosOpen

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post from one of our developers Arda Tugay.  Arda is about to celebrate his one year with BP3 and we are very lucky to have him on our team. Here Arda describes the ease

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Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle just raised $70M.  That sounds crazy.  But if I could have invested alongside, I would have. For the same reason that I invested in Chuys, and Shake Shak. Restaurants with a great following tend to turn into great

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Payrolls, Wages Up. Austin Especially.

So much for that slowdown. First, auto sales are running at a 17million+ annual clip for May. “Sales of cars and light trucks at an annualized rate reached 17.71 million in May, the strongest level since 2005.” Next, the jobs

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Legislating Competency

“Your goal is to set up the conditions for success.” At BP3 our teams go in and rescue a lot of BPM projects that previously failed to get off the ground with the big generalist consulting firms.  I thought a

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Taking Advice from Analysts

Is there anything better than an analyst firm telling everyone to pivot an industry? Of course, the post was written by Steve Wood, who has an axe to grind about his product, ManyWho, and therefore finds himself attending a conference

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Advice from Jean-Louis Gassée

Jean-Louis Gassée has offered advice on the HR-less performance review, and now also has a post on Firing well.  In both cases while I, and BP3, don’t do it the way Jean-Louis advises, our approach is closer to his than

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Founders Grid: Austin Startups You Must Know About

Nice post from Founders Grid giving a shout out to 50 (Fifty!) startups in Austin that you should know about. Austin is rising as a magnificent hub for tech startups. Not only is Austin host of SXSW Interactive Festival, but

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Is There a Process for the Pitch?

Lots of people have advice for the startup pitch.  Austin’s own Joshua Baer has given a presentation, several times, on the art of the pitch.  If I remember his three step process correctly it was: Make the case for change-

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