For Release: BP3 Acquires the Interest of Colorado Based Teknovare

BP3 Global, an Austin, Texas based provider of business process management (BPM) services and solutions, today announced that it has acquired the interests of Teknovare, a Denver, CO based consultancy specializing in developing decision support systems and custom optimization solutions.The

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Coding and Typing

In the Austin American-Statesman over the weekend was an article covering the efforts of Austin’s K-12 schools to produce students with coding skills.I’m a fan of teaching coding sooner.  I think of it as a language skill, along with English,

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Building a BPM Business at #bpmNEXT

I had the honor of participating in a panel on building a business in BPM, alongside Silver Tree’s Jonathan Sapir and Princeton Blue’s Pramod Sachdeva.  SilverTree (~20 people) is focused on Salesforce, while Princeton Blue (~35 ppl – correction: Pramod

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Modeling at #bpmNEXT

As part of the Business of BPM, a panel discussion of the role of modeling was held.  Denis Gagne, Clay Richardson, and Kramer Reeves all took part, moderated by Bruce Silver.  Again, Sandy Kemsley has the gold-standard coverage. A key element

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AlphaGo and What it Means for Artificial Intelligence

In the artificial intelligence and machine learning community the big story a few weeks ago was the “Go” competition between the Lee Sodol and the computer program AlphaGo build by Google DeepMind. As of today March 15, 2016 AlphaGo is

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The Business of BPM at #bpmNEXT

bpmNEXT has been experimenting with the format on the first day of the event, a format they call the business of BPM.This year it started with Nathaniel doing a reprise of his predictions for BPM over the next 5 years. 

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Impressions from #bpmNEXT

This was the fourth bpmNEXT we’ve attended and presented at – every one since the beginning.  Every year the conference gets a little bit better in terms of content, and the collegiality gets better as well.  And the rooftop lunches

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A Day in the Life at the Capital Factory

Christopher Calnan of the ABJ spent a day inside the Capital Factory and his reporting on it has been published as of Friday:Several accelerators and co-working spaces were operating in Austin well before the Capital Factory launched seven years ago

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Great Place to Work comes to Austin in 2016

I just saw a save-the-date post for the Great Place to Work 2016 Small & Medium Business Conference coming to Austin October 10-11th later this year.Given how many Austin companies were featured on the last couple of lists they put

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The Next Big Thing in BPM : BPMNEXT 2016

We’re proud to be making our 4th appearance at BPMNEXT this year. I believe –  along with Keith Swenson of Fujitsu, Jakob Freund of Camunda, and Denis Gagne of Trisotech – and Nathaniel and Bruce of course! – we are

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As a Texan, felt right at home with the Art Cows


On my last trip to Europe, the second leg involved a trip to Denmark – my first visit, which was a real pleasure. After arriving in Copenhagen, I was greeted by one of our customers, so to speak…  They  have a

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In 2014 we acquired a business in the United Kingdom, to join our current team members in Portugal and Ukraine and form the center of gravity of our operations in Europe.  For a business our size, it was a huge

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Investing in People

There’s a nice article on Bloomberg, primarily about Student Loan Genius, a local Austin startup that promotes different ways companies can support paying down student loans.  At BP3, when we discovered Student Loan Genius we knew we had discovered a

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You Don’t have to Dare to be Legendary to Learn from this Advice

I love Mike Maples’ thoughts on startups. Whether it is the Thunderlizard thesis or the Legendary startup, he is challenging startups everywhere to think bigger.  And yet, you don’t have to try to be Google to benefit from his advice,

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Lest you think that Process has no Place in the Creative…

Many BPM gurus over the years have held forth that creative endeavors and innovations would happen in spite of or in the absence of process.  The thought is that process is counter-productive to creativity and creation.  But it isn’t so. Coleen

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Systems Smarter Process BP3 2

BP3 and the IBM Smarter Process Award

Not too long ago, IBM recognized BP3 as the Smarter Process partner of the year in an award ceremony at Interconnect. It’s a big honor to our team, which works hard every day to help our mutual customers succeed with IBM’s

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Handshakes and Decision-making

Madhu Punjabi has a fun post on Medium about how products get shipped. In it, he proposes that ship time can be related to the number of handshakes required to get product shipped  in a startup.  At first, when there’s

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Learning from BaseCamp

DHH of Basecamp (formerly 37 signals) wrote a post that should be inspiring to anyone starting or leading or working to build a company that doesn’t aspire to be a unicorn.At the time of writing, DHH had been working at

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Linkedin process

Building Business Process Definitions

I was recently asked how people go about creating Business Process Definitions (BPDs). Since this is a complex question I thought it better to write down the answer rather than try to explain this process over the phone. This question reminded me of

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Transportation and Investment… and Startups

It seems appropriate to post this on a day when I’m en route to Europe to meet with colleagues and customers in Europe. Interesting read on Fred Wilson’s blog on the distribution of Venture Capital.  From the included graphic you can

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Maturity Models

No surprise, but Anatoly Belaychuk has written a great post on going deep versus going wide with BPM programs over on here is the trap: people tend to view BPM as an ocean of opportunities where almost any course

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Fred Wilson on Tenacity

This post on Fred Wilson’s blog, “Tenacity”, should be inspirational to many bootstrapped businesses. He perfectly captures the challenge and the zeitgeist of tenacity in the context of the entrepreneur and the investor (because businesses aren’t just up and to

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Innovation and Regulation at #SXSW

I attended a few inspirational sessions at SXSW this year, and I want to share some of what I heard and learned.In one particularly interesting session, four Austinites spoke about “Innovation vs. Regulation” at the Austin Chamber of Commerce offices.

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The BPM Task: Definition & Analysis

[Editor’s note: this post by Gary first appeared on his blog on January 30th, 2016, and is part of a continuing series on Process Management Architecture.  It is published here with permission. ]Forward: Before diving into technical and architectural details,

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Austin Tech Through the Eyes of its Fathers #SXSW

Three legends of Austin’s Tech Economy came to SXSW Interactive this year to hold forth on how Austin became Silicon Hills, and to talk about the future of tech in Austin.  It has become a popular pastime in Austin to

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Riddle Me This?

If you have ever been to the BP3 office in Austin,Texas, you know that as you walk into the space, there is a large whiteboard on a back wall that everyone can see as they pass. For a while now,

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Keeping it on the Rails

Every BPM project or initiative starts off with good intentions. Leverage the Process technology,deliver value faster, better, cheaper, and keep delivering. Often there’s training, methodology shift conversations, work streams; and then something happens! Old traditions creep in, fear of the unknown,

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The Death of Data Scientists

“The role of the data scientist has never been more important than it is today.” If this is what you are thinking, I agree! The title was a bit of a shameless ploy to catch eyes. I personally think the

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Networking in the Digital Age – a Few Thoughts

A few weeks ago I participated in a session called “networking in the digital age” at IBM’s Interconnect conference and I thought I’d share some thoughts in a more coherent way here, to a broader audience. First off, there are a

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Want to win the Recruiting War? #SXSW Panel Shared Great Insights

Greg Barr, Managing Editor at the Austin Business Journal, attended our panel, “Can Austin Take Top Talent from Silicon Valley”, and wrote a great piece on it in the ABJ.  Our panelists included Kristen Clemmer – head of recruiting at

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Advice for the CTO

Over on Medium I published my thoughts and advice for CTOs of startups, based on my experience as CTO at BP3: Over time, I arrived at a job definition that worked for me at BP3: To set direction for technology and

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Linkedin team


Reading this post on Fred Wilson’s blog, I can relate in a small way.  Well, no one is likely to recognize me on a flight, but in a sense, putting yourself out there on a blog, on twitter, and in

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#SXSW Sessions that Caught my Eye amid the Nerdpocalypse

As many of you may know, Austin is preparing for SXSW, and first up: SXSW-interactive on Friday.  With the conference comes more than 20,000 attendees and a similar number of “non-badged” attendees in Austin to meet investors and clients and

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Inquiry Based Learning in Austin, at Magellan International School

From time to time I’ll post an article on Medium on a more personal topic, but I’ll try to share links here for the ones that our readers might relate to.  Recently I posted over on Medium about my volunteering,

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The weather was amazing

City of Eternal Boom

Texas Monthly has a way with words.  If you’re on your way to SXSW for the first or third time, and you’re trying to get a better sense of what makes Austin tick, or what has made it tick over

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Not joking about these tacos

Austin: Home of the Breakfast Taco

Austin might be the live music capital of the world. But it is also the home of the breakfast taco.  Austin Eater recently published a great article on this staple of the Austin diet.Taco makers and food experts alike concur

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#IBMInterconnect Early Takeaways

I am an IT guy at heart.  I will never be able to shake my upbringing as a system and network administrator, so my view of the world is skewed to include the simplest IT management, monitoring, support, and customer

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Crystals 2

FOR RELEASE: BP3 Takes Home IBM Smarter Process Leadership Award

BP3 Global (, a global provider of business process management (BPM) software and services was the winner of the 2016 IBM Systems Middleware Smarter Process Leadership Award. This award recognize IBM Business Partners worldwide for their outstanding growth and performance, marketing activities, solutions

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BP3 and Student Loan Genius Featured in Bloomberg

Today, BP3 and Student Loan Genius were featured in Bloomberg Business. The article focuses around freshly minted college graduates taking on the task of repaying student loans and saving for retirement. BP3 contributes monthly to our employees student loan payments to

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Quartz: Tech Workers Heading to Austin

A recent Quartz article making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook claims that a growing number of engineers and tech workers are leaving Silicon Valley for New York, Austin, Seattle, and other places. found that the share of searches from

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Ideas and Execution

Great note from Neil Ward-Dutton over at MWD Advisors – commenting on a recent conversation he’d had:We were talking about different ways that organisations are looking to drive innovation into established businesses – hackathons, corporate VC activities, and so on

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Capital Factory and other startup ecosystems

#SXSW: Can Austin Take Top Talent from Silicon Valley?

In a panel discussion at SXSW-interactive this year, four passionate high-tech execs are going to debate whether you can take top talent from Silicon Valley.  While the title focuses on “Austin” the argument probably holds for any city other than

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Announcing #Brazos Portal 1.13.1

[Note from Scott:  this is the best Brazos Portal release yet, and in this post, David outlines all of the enhancements we’re bringing to Brazos Portal thanks to the collaboration of our many consultants, developers, support staff, and most of

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map screenshot

Announcing: Brazos UI Enterprise 4.7.1

[Note from Scott:  this is the best Brazos release yet, and in this post, David outlines all of the enhancements we’re bringing to Brazos UI thanks to the collaboration of our many consultants, developers, support staff, and most of all,

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Recommended Sessions for Thursday Feb 25th @ #IBMInterconnect 2016

The last day! Still a few good sessions to catch!8:30am | 5737A Healthcare Insurance Claims Management and Self-INvoicing BPM Solution at Advancecare, Reef Ballroom D. Vitor Salvador of Advance Care presentingOne of the most critical processes at Portuguese health insurance

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Recommended Sessions for Wednesday Feb 24 @ #IBMInterconnect 2016

Wednesday’s scheduled also has a couple of fantastic sessions from BP3, Kaiser, and Wells Fargo, as well as other customers.  Here’s our recommended schedule for the day:10:00am | 5021A Creating Lasting Process Change in Wells Fargo Enrollments, Mandalay Ballroom I. 

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Recommended Sessions for Tuesday Feb 23 @ #IBMInterconnect 2016

And for Tuesday’s sessions, our humble recommendations follow… I’ll point out right at the top that you have some great options with a session presented by BP3’s own Andrew Paier and Ivan Kornienko at 10am, and Zion’s Bank, who leveraged

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Recommended Sessions for Monday Feb 22 @ #IBMInterconnect 2016

Continuing a tradition from previous years at Impact, we’re sharing our thoughts about the best sessions at IBM’s Interconnect conference. The conference is again spread across two hotels this year, which is going to take some getting used to.I always

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Growing Up versus Shaking Up

We had a good smile the other day when we saw coverage of our company depicted as having a “management shakeup” at BP3.  I guess it looks like a shakeup, but what we’re doing is organizing, more than shaking!“The Austin

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#IBMInterconnect: Mobile-Enabling Your Business Process Using Coach Views: Lessons Learned at Zion’s Bank

There’s nothing better than looking up a conference schedule and seeing a customer presenting, and calling out your product in the process – better yet, when it is a surprise!Zion’s Bank is presenting at Interconnect on their experiences with mobile,

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