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Getting Started with Decision Management

Recently I commented that we are doubling down on decision management. Putting our educational webinars where our mouth is, we’re hosting a great webinar on May 24th:  Getting Started with Decision Management. We’ll be doing a series of sessions on

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Introduction to Rules-as-a-Service on Bluemix

[Editor’s note:  this is a guest-post by Justin Phillips, part of our UK team, and a fantastic expert on all things ODM.  His ideas and insights have made it into products and service offerings for more than one company. We

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BRMS Anti-Patterns… Not Going with the Flow.

[Editor’s note: Justin Phillips is based in BP3’s UK office and in this guest post is sharing his wealth of ODM expertise with BP3 blog readership – enjoy!] A re-occuring theme that I see a lot in ODM implementations at

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Decision Auditing and Governance: What it is and Why it is Important

In any business that is subject to legal or regulatory controls, having a robust governance and auditing process is very important, if not mandatory. A typical example would be a bank that offers financial products, which has to comply with

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