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BPMCAMP Sessions: Introduction to Process Mining

In a session exploring an area of BPM that is still relatively nascent, David Brakoniecki presented on the topic, and then demonstrated two of the well-known tools in the space (Fluxicon’s Disco, and ProM).Starting off, the objective was to cover

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New Book: BPM Everywhere

We’re proud to announce the release of “BPM Everywhere“, a collaborative work from a number of your favorite BPM thought leaders: We are entering an entirely new phase of BPM – the era of “BPM Everywhere” or BPME.This book discusses

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Getting it Backward, SAP Edition

[This post is courtesy of David Brakoniecki, our UK Delivery Director, and is also posted on his blog] Posted in the SAP Community Network is an article on 3 traps on the way to S/4HANA. As a BPM guy, the

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Smarter Process on Bluemix

[Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post from our UK Delivery Director, David Brakoniecki, and was originally posted over on his blog.] Over on The Expert Integrated System blog, Claudio Tagliabue does a great job of explaining all of the

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K2 goes Big :: Looking at the Numbers

[Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post from our UK Delivery Director, David Brakoniecki. He and I have long shared a fascination with how companies in our BPM market report their numbers: revenue, profit, growth, customers.  Here’s a cross-post of

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