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Funding in Austin, and Our Experience

Much has been made of the funding climate in Austin over the last 6 months or more.  Further, much as been made of Austin’s City Council’s relationship with high tech, given its policies regarding TNCs (ride hailing) and STRs (Short

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Austin American-Statesman: Austin-based business software maker collects millions for expansion

It’s an honor to be covered in our home-town paper, the Austin American-Statesman, with respect to our news about raising money to invest in growing our business. Lori Hawkins, who has covered the tech sector for the Statesman so well

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Becoming Chairman of BP3

BP3 is on a roll.  We’re into our 9th year in business and things are better than ever – we just concluded a record quarter, and a record year.  We’re entering 2016 with some fantastic opportunities in front of us

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bpmcamp 2015 day 1 Lance Presentation

For Release: BP3 Global CEO Lance Gibbs Moves to Chairman Position

BP3 Global CEO and co-founder, Lance Gibbs, is stepping into a new role as Chairman of BP3 after nine years as CEO. Lance brought over 20 years of experience in IT and strategic business initiatives to BP3, and has led

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BPMCAMP Sessions: Bob Golladay, IBM, and BP3

To open day 2 of BPMCAMP, we had the pleasure of welcoming Bob Golladay, the IBM Smarter Process Leader for Europe.   We wanted to bring Bob to our event for two reasons:  first, because Bob has been instrumental in

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BPMCAMP Sessions: BPM Trends Kickoff

Our CEO, Lance Gibbs, kicked off BPMCAMP with his insights into BPM trends based on the last year’s worth of conversations with customers, prospects, and partners. “intelligent BPM” is impacting customer experience, but isn’t reaching mainstream capability yet. Inhibitors are

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Oh the Places You’ll Go

We started BP3 in 2007, and bootstrapped it from just the two of us, to a team, to a company.  We used to quote Blues Brothers on a regular basis, “putting the band back together”…. because we felt like we

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No Communication, No Innovation

I came across an article with a familiar theme today, “Innovation.” I have a set of periodicals that I frequent online to keep up to date with various subject matter and innovation as a topic is about as widespread as

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New Book: BPM Everywhere

We’re proud to announce the release of “BPM Everywhere“, a collaborative work from a number of your favorite BPM thought leaders: We are entering an entirely new phase of BPM – the era of “BPM Everywhere” or BPME.This book discusses

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Excited to Announce… BP3 Goes Global

BP3 is very excited to announce the acquisition of interests of Modexe, a London based BPM consultancy. BP3 has followed the growth and progression of Modexe for many years. Modexe, much like BP3, has targeted great employees and is known

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Great Coverage in the ABJ Today for BP3

“The thing with Business Process Management is that there is no finish line” – Lance Gibbs, CEO of BP3.   BP3 has been growing leaps and bounds lately.  So it was a great surprise to see this article cross my

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BP3 @ #IBMImpact : ANICO’s Success with BPM – Just Add BP3 and Smarter Process

Vincent Johnson of ANICO, and our own Lance Gibbs of BP3, will be presenting a session at Impact (session SCU-2878): ANICO (American National Insurance Company)’s Success with BPM Just Add BP3 and Smarter Process – SCU-2878Smarter Process – Client Use

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A Customer Experiences your Company as the Sum of its Business Processes

“A customer experiences your company as the sum of its business processes. How comfortable does that make you feel?” – Lance Gibbs I use this quote from Lance so often that it is almost cliche around the BP3 office.  But

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Process Debt: What’s on the Table for 2014 in #BPM

After reading Jim Sinur’s 2013 recap of BPM, and then Alberto Manuel’s, and then comparing with our own experiences at BP3, I have to wonder if 2014 is the year for clearing Process Debt. Reviewing Sinur’s post, he calls out

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Thinking about Data as the new Oil… Process Context to Refine it

In a post-dinner conversation a couple weeks ago with some fellow BPM evangelists, Lance brought up something that the CEO of Tableau had said, if I’m not mistaken – that “data is the new oil”.  And the analogy makes some

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Identifying the Major Anti-Patterns to Business Value

Perhaps more useful than telling you the right things to do in your BPM projects, is helping you identify the “anti-patterns” to their business value.  Avoiding them, or not, sets the stage for project success.  The whitepaper, Identifying the Anti-Patterns, authored

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Increase BPM Method Effectiveness

When I hear how well or how poor implementation techniques worked for a given project the one telltale factor comes down to alignment between the project and the company’s values. I think something which gets overlooked all too often is

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BPM Delivery Process as a BlueworksLive Template

Lance wrote up a description of a BlueworksLive template we’ve shared with the IBM BlueworksLive community, and it is now published on the BlueworksLive Blog.  It is mostly just a way for us to give back a little to a

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The BPM "Operator" Profile

I was asked the other day by a consultant from a large provider, “What do I need to know to get into BPM consulting?” So you want to be a BPM Practitioner? “Great, we need all we can get!” Actually, what I

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Great session on Change Management at Gartner BPM Summit #BPM11

Gartner’s BPM Summit this year in Baltimore was a little different than previous years for a few reasons. First off, almost 850 attendees were present according to Gartner’s stats which is a  non-trivial improvement over last year! Secondly, for the

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ebizQ: Lean and BPM

ebizQ has a two part series on BPM and Lean – something we’ve written about in the past and our own Lance Gibbs is a proponent of: Lean is actually a process of experimentation, rapid iterative cycles of learning and

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BP3 and Wells Fargo Presenting at #IBMImpact

Lance Gibbs and Scott Francis, of BP3, and Reid Denny, of Wells Fargo, will be presenting at IBM Impact in April (you can find the sessions here): Program:  Technology Track:  BPM and Decision Management Sub-track:  BPM: From Projects to Programs

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The Agile/BPM Meme

Seems we just posted on Lean-Agile as it relates to BPM, when  another article on Agile BPM appears on ebizQ, by Jack Vaughan. Oh wait, we really did just write about this topic! Only the day before the ebizQ article

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Lean-Agile for your BPM Delivery

Why Lean–Agile Delivery for BPM? With all the different techniques out there for software delivery it’s understandable why companies pick different flavors based on the nature of their projects. Even the analyst community at times differs on what iterative-based approaches

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