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Announcing: New Brazos Portal Release

Brazos Portal v1.11.1 is now available for download. Customers who have Brazos Portal support can find their customized Brazos Portal v1.11.1 build in their custom download articles which can be found here.This release of Brazos Portal includes bug fixes and

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For Release: BP3 Global and Wythe Solutions Announce Resale Partnership

For Release: BP3 Global and Wythe Solutions Announce Resale PartnershipBP3 Global, worldwide leader in Business Process Management (BPM) software and services, announced today a partnership with Wythe Solutions, an IBM Advanced Business Partner.AUSTIN, TEXAS (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 16, 2015BP3 Global (,

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Credit: Arnold Wells, ABJ

Tech Flash Titans: Full Profiles Posted

In the latest issue of the Austin Business Journal, the full profiles for the Tech Flash Titans recently awarded were published. You can see our press release here.  I love the title and subtitle:  “A New Kind of Process Server:

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So this happened… at the ABJ TechFlash Titans

I have to say, I’m very honored to receive the award for 2015 Best CIO/CTO from the Austin Business Journal and its judges.  The ceremony and reception were held at what was once the renowned music venue, La Zona Rosa,

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Announcing: Brazos UI Enterprise 4.4.3

And right on the cue, after the first partner resell announcement yesterday, today we have a new Brazos UI Enterprise version available to all Brazos Enterprise customers. Brazos UI continues to set the pace for UI frameworks for IBM BPM –

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For Release: BP3 Announces Brazos Resell Partnership with Cognizant

[Editor’s note: we started a partnership program last year, and this is the first public announcement of  our participating partners and partner program.  I’m personally humbled by the endorsement this represents of the investments we’re making in the IBM BPM

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BP3 and IBM: Cloud, BPM, and Bluemix Oh My

Nice article from Carolyn Rogers, capturing and interview and conversation we had at SXSW-interactive back in March 2015. We’ve been fans of Bluemix and not just because some of our old colleagues from Lombardi are heavily influencing the direction and design. 

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BPMCAMP Sessions: Introduction to Process Mining

In a session exploring an area of BPM that is still relatively nascent, David Brakoniecki presented on the topic, and then demonstrated two of the well-known tools in the space (Fluxicon’s Disco, and ProM).Starting off, the objective was to cover

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Being one of the Best Places to Work

In the land of startups and best places to work, there’s a temptation in journalism to cover the more prurient items: the parties, the trips, the wacky office perks, furniture, or policies. Executives for these companies, if pressed to justify the

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BP3 Named #16 in Austin Business Journal’s Fast 50

BP3 has once again made the Austin Fast 50 list published by the Austin Business Journal.  This year BP3 not only graduated to the “Over $10M” category, we also moved up to #16 on the list.  The numbers are based

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BP3 Named One of the Best Small Companies to Work For

BP3 Global of Austin Texas named one of the best small and medium workplaces in the United States published in Fortune Magazine.BP3 Global (, an innovative global provider of business process management (BPM) software and services, was named by Great

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Brands over Products?

From the Stanford Business School e-book, “Build a Winning Business” a few interesting things to pull out of an interview with the North Face CEO Hap Klopp.It’s interesting that North Face really got its start as two stores, one in

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Customer Relationships over Powerful Brands

I may be talking my own book, but I really believe this article from Harvard Business Review, “Why Strong Customer Relationships Trump Powerful Brands”…In a sense, what is a brand if it isn’t the sum of all of the trusted

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Death by Thousand Cuts, Prevented

We’ve often told customers (and anyone else who would listen) that our projects tend to cost less, finish faster, and stall less often than the projects with other vendors.  And they go to production more often than the other vendors

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BPMCAMP Sessions: Building Modular User Interfaces for BPM

Our very own Brian and Nik led a discussion on building modular user interfaces for BPM.  They’ve been the force behind a lot of our UI development at BP3 – including the first version of Brazos Portal and several customer

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BPMCAMP Sessions: Becoming a Blueworks Live Bad A**

Krista White and Julie Grassel led a session on becoming a Blueworks Live Badass at BPMCAMP 2015.  Tongue-in-cheek title aside, they shared some serious common sense on succeeding with a modeling tool like Blueworks Live.Some interesting tidbits were shared, like

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BPMNEXT 2015: Neches Presentation

At bpmNEXT 2015, Ivan Kornienko and I presented “Sleep at Night Again with Automated Code Analysis.”  That previous post has our slides, a Neches demo, and some commentary on the presentation.  This is the official video from the event.  Unfortunately

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Neil Ward-Dutton’s Take: A Masterclass in Customer Centricity

At BPMCAMP this year we had the honor of Neil Ward-Dutton attending alongside our team and our customers.  We’ve been following Neil’s work and MWD’s research for years, and I think we both felt it was time for Neil to

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BPMCAMP Sessions: the RGP Method for BPM Success

Every year at BPMCAMP we review our delivery methodology – because every year we adapt it based on what we’ve learned and based on a changing technology landscape over time. Rainer Ribback took us through the latest in his session

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BP Labs: Letting Customers Sleep at Night [video]

Maybe you’ve heard about BP Labs, but you’ve wondered what BP Labs really is.  Many customers have told us that they didn’t fully appreciate BP Labs until they experienced it for a while.  I can appreciate that, because this is

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BPMCAMP Sessions: Strategies to Quantify Business Value

Our own Ted Irani gave a talk at BPMCAMP on strategies to quantify business value. At BPMCAMP we had a lot of content about building practical solutions with BPM, but this one was all about how to put the business

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Student Loan Genius and the White House

Someone at work showed this video to me the other day, and I thought I’d share.  We work with these guys to enable our team members to organize and pay down their student debt- and I believe we were their

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Austin’s 2015 Fast 50 Announced: the 50 fastest-growing companies in Austin

Every year the Austin Business Journal covers the Fast-50:  fifty of the fastest growing private companies in Austin.  Over the last 7-8 years, Austin has also been the strongest economy within which those fast companies are thriving. We’re proud to

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The Value of T-Shirts at BPMCAMP

We printed some great t-shirts for BPMCAMP, and then coincidentally I saw a post that made the topic worth writing about on the blog as well. Just recently local Austin entrepreneur Joshua Baer posted on Medium on the subject of

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BPMCAMP Sessions: Bob Golladay, IBM, and BP3

To open day 2 of BPMCAMP, we had the pleasure of welcoming Bob Golladay, the IBM Smarter Process Leader for Europe.   We wanted to bring Bob to our event for two reasons:  first, because Bob has been instrumental in

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BPMCAMP Sessions: BPM Trends Kickoff

Our CEO, Lance Gibbs, kicked off BPMCAMP with his insights into BPM trends based on the last year’s worth of conversations with customers, prospects, and partners. “intelligent BPM” is impacting customer experience, but isn’t reaching mainstream capability yet. Inhibitors are

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BP3 in the ABJ: Best Places to Work Profile

The Austin Business Journal has been running daily articles on the Best Places to Work in Austin, and last week it was BP3’s turn, most of the text below: Describe your company’s workplace: Our culture isn’t about the ping pong

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Proud of our 2015 Interns

Our 2015 Interns represented well. This year they worked together to expand the scope of Brazos Portal’s compatibility with enterprise software like Asana and Rally.  They also worked out an interesting Apple Watch notification framework.  Both of which demo’ed really

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Oh the Places You’ll Go

We started BP3 in 2007, and bootstrapped it from just the two of us, to a team, to a company.  We used to quote Blues Brothers on a regular basis, “putting the band back together”…. because we felt like we

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BPMCAMP Early Returns

  [UPDATE: interested in BPMCAMP 2016?  The sign-up for information is here! ] I’ll have more to post about BPMCAMP as pictures and videos come in, and as I have time to synthesize.  But I’ll just say that it was

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The Value of Being There

In a day and age full of the virtual, perhaps we place a little more value on the personal, and the real. Virtual is better than letters, or email, but it isn’t better than a handshake or a hug, and

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Brazos UI Releases: Enterprise and Lite 4.1

If you’ve been waiting for a refresh of our Brazos UI Lite toolkit, version 4.1 is the version you’ve been waiting for – if this is the first time you’ve registered with BP3, however, try this link instead, which explains

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BPMCAMP is coming in just two weeks to the Four Seasons in Austin.  And as the content has come together I’m excited to be a fly on the wall in some of these sessions: Redefining the COE given what we’ve

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Announcing: Brazos UI Enterprise 4

Our BP Labs team has released Brazos UI Enterprise version 4 last week.  I can’t emphasize enough what an awesome bit of engineering and coordination this release represents. Before we get into the details, let me just say how proud

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BPMCAMP 2015 In 3 weeks

It’s hard to believe BPMCAMP 2015 is only a few weeks away.  The content sessions are shaping up to be truly awesome. This is the conference we want to run for our own team, and we invite customers to join

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Legislating Competency: Another Perspective

Anatoly Belaychuk wrote a post in response to one of mine on the topic of legislating competency. We often find ourselves agreeing on topics related to BPM, despite very different backgrounds and experiences with different BPM tools. I take some

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Austin’s Best Places to Work 2015: BP3 in the Top 8

Well, BP3 did all right in the Austin awards for Best Places to Work in 2015.  95% of the local work force has to respond to the survey to even be considered, and 70 companies were recognized across four categories.

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For Release: BP3 Named One of the Best Places to Work in Austin

BP3 Global, an innovative BPM software and services provider, named eighth in the Best Places to Work in the Small Business category by the Austin Business Journal. (PRWEB) June 30, 2015 BP3 Global is pleased to announce that it placed

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Neches Analysis Update

[Editor’s note: 3 days, three product release updates.  Our BP Labs team really focuses on what we preach – iterative improvement, regular release schedules, and disciplined development and testing practices] Neches Analysis runs in the cloud, primarily on IBM’s SoftLayer

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Brazos UI Enterprise 3.19.4 Released: The Best UI in BPM gets Better

Brazos UI Enterprise 3.19.4 has been released and is available for download.  You can register for Brazos UI Lite here, and/or request Brazos UI Enterprise. Brazos UI is the best BPM user interface for IBM BPM.  Experience with our customers

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Brazos Portal 1.8 Released

BP3’s BP Labs team continues to deliver a steady drumbeat of software releases at BP3, which is exactly how we want it to work.   Brazos Portal 1.8 is the third release in 2015 for Brazos Portal, and is now available

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Blueworks Live Best Practices

This post is from Krista White, co-author of our new guide to BP3’s Blueworks Live Best Practices posted below. Krista also works on Neches and the Brazos suite. Over the last few years I’ve noticed an increase in the volume

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BPM Migration: 4 Approaches to Success

This post is from Andrew Paier VP of BP Labs. BP Labs is an extension of our consulting services that provides white glove service to help our customers sleep at night. I like to think of it as the private

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Custom Components in BrazosOpen

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post from one of our developers Arda Tugay.  Arda is about to celebrate his one year with BP3 and we are very lucky to have him on our team. Here Arda describes the ease

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Legislating Competency

“Your goal is to set up the conditions for success.” At BP3 our teams go in and rescue a lot of BPM projects that previously failed to get off the ground with the big generalist consulting firms.  I thought a

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Austin, Meet London

British Airways is selling out their direct flight between Austin and London.  I’ve flown it a few times already and love it. Apparently I’m not the only one. And now: news that British Airways is going to start flying the

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Austin Jobs Improve Again

Well, the good news keeps rolling in for Austin.  Despite blowing away the growth numbers of every other large-ish city in the United States, Austin also continues to fully employ its population – including newcomers. Meanwhile, the most recently reported

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BP3: Austin’s Best Places to Work 2015

Last year we made the list of Austin’s Best Places to Work for the first time. Of course, we’ve always been one of the best places to work in our hearts but the competition for these awards is tight! 2015

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IBM’s bpm/DEV blog covers BP3 and Neches Analysis

A big thank you to our friends at IBM and Jim Casey, the author of a blog post on the bpm/DEV site that IBM hosts. BP3 has been in the Smarter Process game for a while. You may have used

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Not All UI Toolkits are Made Equal

IBM BPM ships with the coach view framework, and a few different UI toolkits.  By design, the coach view framework is a great foundation for building new UI toolkits – a foundation that IBM has encouraged partners like BP3 to

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