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A Win for BP3, but a Bigger Win for our Customers

Well. The Forrester Wave™:  BPM Service Providers, Q4 2016 has been published, analyzing 21 criteria to produce the scoring and results. It is the most comprehensive coverage of BPM service providers in a single report that we’ve seen to-date.And it

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The intersection of Lean Startup and Design Thinking

Stanford’s Graduate School of Business publication ran a great article about leveraging both Design Thinking and Lean Startup.  And who better to opine on this than the university that partially gave rise or impetus to both. In the world of entrepreneurial

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Collaboration in Documents

Matt Richman posted some interesting statistics on his blog, namely:When students write papers by themselves, only 12 percent use Google Docs. But when students write papers in groups — when they collaborate — 78 percent use Google Docs. On the

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, as the Thanksgiving Holiday arrives. On Monday we had a great potluck with our team at the office.  Yesterday our team joined HEB in packing 14,000 meals for the Feast

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Stanford: Incubator with Dorms?

Steve Blank recently asserted that Stanford is basically “an incubator with dorms“.  That sounded a bit contentious until I read the article.  He’s right.There are 145 entrepreneurship courses offered at Stanford today.  That’s unbelievable. There might not have been any

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Thoughts on 10x Growth

Jason Cohen, founder of WP Engine, has a brilliant take on the age old question of startups “How do we 10x?”.  As he says, “a great question when a startup is young. Does it always remain the right question?”He takes

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Not joking about these tacos

The Best Tacos in Austin?

Another article on the home of tacos, Austin, TX.To hear Austinites tell it, they damn near invented the taco. They’re certainly not above declaring war over one, which Mayor Adler did, even creating an Austin Taco Day (Sept 24th).No, sir,

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The Austin American-Statesman Weighs in on the Best Places to Work in Austin

We’ve heard from Fortune and the ABJ, and now the Austin American-Statesman weighs in as part of their Sunday edition.  The methodology and approach to evaluating may be different but the results are consistent:  BP3 is rated the top small

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Human Capital

I’m a big believer in human capital.  I always have been.  And that value system was reinforced by my time at Stanford and in my first two jobs after college.  At BP3, we’ve built a business based on people. And

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Austin Tech and Politics: Go Vote!

The Statesman recently covered Austin’s tech community and our involvement in politics. The tech industry — which employs more than 100,000 people in Central Texas — is becoming more politically organized as a response to recent votes by the Austin City

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Last Week

Last week BP3 attended 3 events in 3 countries to meet with customers, prospects, and partners.  And of course our team was visiting a multitude of customers and prospects as well.There are moments in your company’s life when you realize

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Austin and Formula 1

Few were more surprised than I was that Formula 1 came to Austin a few years ago.  It just seemed like a pipe dream in the days before – unlikely to really come to fruition.F1 in Austin had a rough

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The ABJ Fast 50 2016: BP3 is in the Top Ten

For the sixth year in a row, BP3 is in the Austin Fast 50 list, published by the Austin Business Journal. This year we returned to the top 10 in the “Over $10M” category – a great achievement for a

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IBM: Macs cost less than PCs

Just in time for new Macs to be announced on the 27th… It’s always a pleasure to see two favorite topics combine: Apple and IBM!  IBM has again confirmed what many of us who use Macs already knew – Macs

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The Feedback Loop

At BP3 one of the core tenets of our approach to developing our team is to provide feedback – early and often – operating under the theory that a short feedback loop is much more useful than getting feedback more

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Coverage of the IBM #ProcessTransformation Event

This week the attention may be turned to World of Watson, but last week it was all about Digital Transformation and BPM: Process Transformation. James Taylor took a turn at blogging the Process Transformation event last week – an intimate

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Process Transformation

IBM hosted a Process Transformation event this week, bringing together top customers, partners, and IBM executives and product leaders into one space to talk about what’s happening and what’s next. The event featured keynote talks from Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors,

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A Great Place to Work

BP3 has been a great place to work for me since 2007.  And what makes it a great place to work for me?  The fantastic team I get to work with every day.As we’ve grown, one of the great joys

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Investing: a Story of Culture and Values

We’re new to the idea of having investors in BP3, and still adjusting.  So far it has been a great process.  One of the milestones was attending our investors’ limited partner gathering, to which they invite their limited partners (effectively

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SXSW Futures

I hope it isn’t too early to think about this, but Hugh Forrest has recently published his expectations for SXSW 2017.  It’s an interesting read, and I think in a brief moment, it explains the appeal and the evolution of

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Austin Culture: Export of the Future?

With the advent of South by South Lawn (SXSL) last week, followed by the Great Places to Work conference coming to Austin this week, the topic of Austin exporting its culture comes to mind. To my thinking, Austin has become

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14 Austin Startups to Watch

Nice post here on Techspace: 14 Austin Startups to Watch in 2017.  I sure hope they’re right, as we’re on the list!“BP3Business process management company BP3 uses data and insights derived to help companies innovate their business process. From helping

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The Five Most Important Considerations for Application Development Monitoring

Our very own David Rosen wrote a nice post over on the IBM Middleware User Community forum on the subject of Application Development Monitoring: A follower of the martial art Tang Soo Do cannot earn a black belt. The highest

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Outside the Valley

A few fascinating articles have been published recently about software developers and software talent.  Quartz weighs in recently with the discovery that 90% of software developers work outside of Silicon Valley.It isn’t just that the jobs are spread out… there

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Back Camera

Let’s Talk Espresso

Austin is home to some fantastic coffee shops (and roasters).  The Austinot published a story over the summer relating interviews with four top baristas in Austin.  I’ve been to two of the four coffee shops depicted – Houndstooth and Epoch

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Startups and IT Buyers

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote “Tech Startups Struggle to Close Deals with IT Buyers” – and it is a compelling read:Yet startup products and services for enterprises, while more accepted than a few years ago, still face significant resistance

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Tech Votes Austin

We’re proud to support Tech Votes Austin – a new organization in 2016 to motivate tech companies to get their employees registered to vote and participating in the process. And while most of the news is focused on the national

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Another Austin Tech Awakening

The Austin Tech community has been awakened by a year of setbacks in tech policy, according to the American Genius:Enter 2016, the year that the tech sector loudly lamented what they felt was a local government that worked against innovation,

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No Heroes Here

I love this post by Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures:  “Understanding VCs“.  He was reacting to a tweet by Joe Fernandez: “too many young entrepreneurs talk about vc’s like they’re heroes and their blog posts are scripture” – Joe FernandezAnd

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Baseline: BPM Makes Carlsberg Danmark More Efficient

Kenneth Lindegaard’s article in Baseline spent much of the week last week on the front page, describing how Carlsberg Denmark (Danmark) achieves efficiencies with BPM.  Carlsberg Danmark has been a BP3 customer for a couple of years now, and it

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BP3 in the Austin Small Business Essentials Event

Salesforce hosted a small business essentials event in Austin recently, and our very own Ted Irani represented BP3 on the panel.  It was great to see a couple friends on that panel – Clint Smith of CareerPlug (a great recruiting

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Top 50 Private Companies in Austin

Ranked by Revenue, the ABJ recently covered the top 50 private companies in Austin.  It’s a pretty interesting list – with Dell topping it at $58 Billion in revenue… And you can learn a bit about Austin’s economy by looking

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Growth vs. Excellence

Generally speaking people believe that there is a tension between growth and excellence.  It makes a certain intuitive sense – the number of people that are top 10% doesn’t change very much over time, for example.  In business, this often

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Proud of our 2016 Interns!

Our 2016 Intern program was fantastic. We had a bigger crew this year and they flexed their muscle to advance our Brazos Portal product and to explore some interesting ideas of their own. And they look great in cowboy boots.Our

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Nine Years and Counting

Today marks my 9th anniversary of full-time work at BP3.  I can’t believe it is 9 years, it has happened so fast.  We went from coffee conversations to a 100+ person organization worldwide in what seems like a blink of

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6 Years in the Austin Fast 50 List: 2016 ABJ Fast 50 Announced

Every year the Austin Business Journal covers the Fast-50:  fifty of the fastest growing private companies in Austin.  Over the last 8-9 years, Austin has also been the strongest economy within which those fast companies are thriving. We’re proud to announce

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Raise Your Hand

One of the banes of time and materials consulting is over-running estimates.  Many consulting companies win business by bidding low and then running change orders or cost overruns to extract more dollars out of the project for the originally agreed

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BPMCAMP: Our Cup Runneth Over

We had a pretty special week in Austin last week. We hosted our global team and select customers for BPMCAMP. And I couldn’t be happier with the final product.  It just gets better every year.By way of background, this is

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Austin is a Great place to Grow a Business

I just saw an article in the Austin Business Journal – apparently CNBC has named Austin the #1 city for startups:Owing to its entrepreneurial bent, the quality of its labor pool and its booming population, Austin has been ranked by

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Paper Time Sheets?

The City of Austin is a wonderful place, but apparently the City government is keeping track of time sheets on paper.  For the last 17 years. AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City government’s 17-year-old, paper-based time keeping system has drawn the ire

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Funding in Austin, and Our Experience

Much has been made of the funding climate in Austin over the last 6 months or more.  Further, much as been made of Austin’s City Council’s relationship with high tech, given its policies regarding TNCs (ride hailing) and STRs (Short

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Culture: SaaS Companies and the Stall

Jason Lemkin’s post about SaaS companies stalling out at $20M s a good read. In it, he uses a fictional company that is growing 14% a month on a $5M base of annual recurring revenue to make a point about

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Unicorns and Customer Support

Lauren Smiley wrote a truly great piece on the trend of unicorn “startups” sending their customer service departments to far flung parts of the United States in “Congratulations, We’re Moving Your Department to Tennessee.”It does a great job of describing

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Speaking of Culture: Boots

Culture is partly about tradition.  At BP3 we have a few intern traditions that I really love.  We try to keep the interns guessing but if they read the archives on the blog, or talk to friends, they’ll know about

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Culture: Unlimited Vacation

A recent article in the Austin American-Statesman touts the “unlimited vacation” benefits that some Austin tech companies provide.  BP3 happens to be one of those companies, though we weren’t covered in the article.“Indeed is one of a number of Austin

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BP3 News Roundup

Obviously we’re pretty excited to get great coverage from local and other media outlets on our recent funding.  It’s always fun to take time to share your good news with others, and see them take an interest.  Other sources included:Built

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A Big Day for our Team

For nine years we’ve run BP3 for our team and our customers, funded only by the fruits of our own labor and the profits of our own enterprise.  Bootstrapping a business is incredibly rewarding. It presents constraints that challenge you

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Austin American-Statesman: Austin-based business software maker collects millions for expansion

It’s an honor to be covered in our home-town paper, the Austin American-Statesman, with respect to our news about raising money to invest in growing our business. Lori Hawkins, who has covered the tech sector for the Statesman so well

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For Release: With $10 million investment, BP3 Global catches the third wave of enterprise software disruption

For Release: With $10 million investment, BP3 Global catches the third wave of enterprise software disruptionAustin, Texas – BP3 Global, the leading provider of business process and decision management (BPM) software and services, has taken a $10-million investment from Nashville,

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The 4-pack

The Shaving Process and Dollar Shave Club, Revisited

Dollar Shave Club is back in the news thanks to a blockbuster deal selling the firm to Unilever for $1 Billion.  We even wrote about Dollar Shave Club on this blog back in 2012, commenting on the effect of the

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