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Berkshire’s Letter, Always a Lesson for Business Owners (and Investors)

Reading Berkshire Hathaways’ annual letter is something I started doing many years ago when I first bought some class B shares.  The annual letter is a fixture in my reading list for many reasons:It is refreshing to listen to a

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KMWorld: Brazos streamlines BPM at Shepherd Chemical Company

KMWorld recently published this piece on the power of Brazos and BPM at Shepherd Chemical Company:Consequently, Shepherd enlisted the help of BP3 Global and its BP3 Brazos UI Toolkit. The toolkit customized the IBM BPM experience with an interface for

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Limited Real Estate

Above Avalon’s take on Apple’s Airpods?  It is the beginning of a battle for your ears. And it could be…“We believe in a wireless future. A future where all of your devices intuitively connect. This belief drove the design of our

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Apple MacBook Pro Review: A Growing Responsibility

I bought the new MacBook Pro when it came out partly as an experiment. The specs weren’t so different that it would spark an upgrade cycle at BP3, but the price went up and I wanted to personally experience whether

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Skills for BPM in 2017

Great summary post from Zbigniew on BPM Tips for BPM skills for 2017.  It’s a good question for the experts in the world, and they have weighed in, impressively.  This post caught me in the midst of traveling in Europe

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Pretty Much How I Feel About Austin, Too

Will Harrison recently wrote about Austin’s food scene: “THANKS QUESO! HOW AUSTIN’S RESTAURANT SCENE CHANGED THIS MIDWESTERNER’S LIFE.” As a fellow Midwesterner, I can relate.  And we just had some new members of the team down from the the Midwest

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Traditional vs. New Economic Thinking

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has this great post on New Economics, in which he quotes a table that lists economic thought for each of 6 categories:IndividualsNetworks and InstitutionsInstitutionsDynamicsInnovationEmergenceIn particular, I recall taking economics in college and being frustrated

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