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Recommended Reading on BPM for 2017

People often ask me for a reading list on BPM – and it was nice of Zbigniew to post a great list on BPM Tips. You can’t do much better than the curated list he put together, though if you

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I Haven’t Lost my Apple AirPods Yet… (Review)

There are better and more comprehensive reviews of AirPods elsewhere, I am sure.  This one is for the amateur Apple users like myself.  A few thoughts:The AirPods come in a dental-floss look-alike case.  While it is a source of amusement

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Our Neighbors at Data.World on Work-Life Integration

Some good friends work over at Data.World so we follow their news with interest.  More than that, they’re neighbors in our building and we’re fans of their offering.Brett Hurt recently sat down for an interview with the ABJ in their

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Apple Watch

My Own Amateur Apple Watch Review

I could have trotted out a review of the Apple Watch when the first version hit the market. Or again when WatchOS 2 came out, but I waited for Series 2 and WatchOS 3 before sitting down to write my

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Alberto Manuel’s “BPM Blogs Worth Reading”

Alberto Manuel has once again published his BPM Blogs worth reading list.  But I’ll be honest, this list is more of a business transformation or Digital Transformation list of blogs.  And that’s why it is such an intriguing list.BPM is

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Reasons for BPMN in your Business Analyst toolbox

BPM tips has a nice post with the opinions of several BPM and requirements experts covering the when and the how of using BPMN when collecting business requirements. In particular there are good comments from Joy Beatty of Seilevel, Jakob Freund

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Data, Machine Learning, and Austin B-Cycle

Tim Gasser has written a series of posts analyzing Austin’s B-Cycle data. It’s a fascinating study of a topic of interest to Austinites: the B-Cycles; and a great set of examples for how to apply data science and machine learning

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The Curse of the As-Is Process

It’s a sincere question.  And recently this question was posed on as well.Reasons to skip the as-is process:“Even if you try to model it, it won’t be accurate“.  If the company doesn’t already know what their process is and

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Ringing in the New Year with Startup City Rankings

Catching up on some of the articles I saved from December over the weekend, I came across this one from American Genius: Austin knocks San Fran out of the top spot for best startup hub.We’re number one! We’re number one!

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Another Great Year with BP3

2016 was good to BP3, and I have a lot to be thankful for as a result. BPM software and BPM engines are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and foundational to the IT landscape.  As I look forward, the future for BP3

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2016: Year in Review

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Jason Cohen: Look at what we did

I love Jason Cohen’s blog.  To start the new year, he does not disappoint with this blog post.“You must be so proud of what you created” — the reflexive conclusion delivered by visitors to our building at WP Engine, struck

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Creative Space to fit the Culture for an Austin Home Grown Startup

Our sincere congratulations to our neighbors, Red Velvet Events, who have recently acquired a standalone retail building which will be remodeled and by the end of 2017 will be their new headquarters!  I think the design for the space is

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Business Value from BPM: a Rare Public Case Study

Our colleagues over at Carlsberg Denmark have published a paper on their business value realization leveraging BPM. There are some key highlights even in the summary:“While the acquired BPM setup and capacity is very limited, with expertise from around the

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