The intersection of Lean Startup and Design Thinking

Scott Francis
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Stanford’s Graduate School of Business publication ran a great article about leveraging both Design Thinking and Lean Startup.  And who better to opine on this than the university that partially gave rise or impetus to both. 

In the world of entrepreneurial incubation, design thinking, a user-centered way to conceive and create a successful product, is often compared and contrasted with the lean startup approach, which is more engineering-based and quantitative. The two methods are far from mutually exclusive, however, as both seek to effectively serve customers’ needs through a systematic, low-risk path to innovating in the face of uncertainty.

The discussion is facilitated with two faculty mmbers who run Stanford’s Startup Garage.  It’s a great discussion to read with respect to blending the schools of thought as you build your startup or innovate around an idea.