The Five Most Important Considerations for Application Development Monitoring

Scott Francis
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Our very own David Rosen wrote a nice post over on the IBM Middleware User Community forum on the subject of Application Development Monitoring:

A follower of the martial art Tang Soo Do cannot earn a black belt. The highest level that can be reached is a dark-blue belt. Black represents perfection, and a practitioner can never be perfect. The lesson is, no matter how hard you try — or dye — you are not going to achieve perfection.

Similarly, application monitoring strives to reach a 100 percent uptime goal, the equivalent of that black belt. You can’t reach perfection, but you must constantly be working toward that goal. As a result of the changing technologies, DevOps organizations are now developing new techniques to ensure the maximum uptime of the applications they support.

It’s good stuff from one of the leaders in our BP Labs business, which is the team that provides the support & maintnance for so many customers.  After reading this post, you won’t be surprised to learn that we have fantastic response times and customer service scores.s

If you haven’t experienced BP3’s managed services offerings, I recommend you talk with us immediately and get started. Experience what a difference culture, experience, and superior skills can mean to your efforts.