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BP3 News Roundup

Obviously we’re pretty excited to get great coverage from local and other media outlets on our recent funding.  It’s always fun to take time to share your good news with others, and see them take an interest.  Other sources included:Built

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A Big Day for our Team

For nine years we’ve run BP3 for our team and our customers, funded only by the fruits of our own labor and the profits of our own enterprise.  Bootstrapping a business is incredibly rewarding. It presents constraints that challenge you

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Austin American-Statesman: Austin-based business software maker collects millions for expansion

It’s an honor to be covered in our home-town paper, the Austin American-Statesman, with respect to our news about raising money to invest in growing our business. Lori Hawkins, who has covered the tech sector for the Statesman so well

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For Release: With $10 million investment, BP3 Global catches the third wave of enterprise software disruption

For Release: With $10 million investment, BP3 Global catches the third wave of enterprise software disruptionAustin, Texas – BP3 Global, the leading provider of business process and decision management (BPM) software and services, has taken a $10-million investment from Nashville,

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The 4-pack

The Shaving Process and Dollar Shave Club, Revisited

Dollar Shave Club is back in the news thanks to a blockbuster deal selling the firm to Unilever for $1 Billion.  We even wrote about Dollar Shave Club on this blog back in 2012, commenting on the effect of the

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Even when it rained

Flying from Austin to Frankfurt

I predict more business between Austin and Germany if early signs for the new direct flight Condor is running between Austin and Frankfurt are any indications.  Several friends have already bought tickets, and Condor is reporting locally their intention to

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Decision Management and DMN in 2016

At bpmNEXT, DMN was everywhere.  DMN is the Decision Modeling Notation backed by OMG and others.  Keith Swenson wrote a blog post on May 10th with the subheading “This is the year for DMN” – and it seems so:The Decision

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bpmcamp day 1 sunrise 2

Austin has its Groove: Two Interesting Perspectives on Austin Tech

Over the last 24 hours I read two perspectives on Austin that almost perfectly capture the zeitgeist of what’s going on here. First, there’s this piece about Austin being in the top 5 cities for tech talent, as ranked by CBRE,

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Knocking Down the Barriers to Growth

Harvard Business Review’s recent article by Chris Zook puts the spotlight on the greatest barriers to growth for businesses, according to their own executives. It’s a compelling read, and if you work in any business you will recognize the symptoms to

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Glass staircase (spiral)

A Funny Thing Happened at the Apple Store Today

We stopped into the Apple Store in the Domain in Austin to get an iPhone case. Our son immediately ran to the kids table to get some gaming in while my wife and I looked at iPhone cases.After a few

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History of Distributed Computing: Hadoop MapReduce and FlumeJava

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Nolan Grace, a software developer and consultant at BP3 who has a passion for data science.  This post is shared with permission]Distributed computing is definitely the cool kid in the tech world

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Sandy Kemsley on the Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Update

Sandy Kemsley recently attended Tibco’s user conference and covered some of the updates to the BPM portfolio while there:He next gave us a statement of direction on the product lines, including more self-service assessment, proof of concept and purchasing of

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Sandy Kemsley on Camunda BPM 7.5 Release

Sandy Kemsley recently covered Camunda’s BPM 7.5 release on her blog, and as usual gives it pretty comprehensive treatment:I attended an analyst briefing earlier today with Jakob Freund, CEO of Camunda, on the latest release of their product, Camunda BPM

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Looking Under the Hood in BPM

MWD Advisors put up an interesting post about PegaWorld and Pegasystem’s going forward plans as discussed at the conference.  There was much to agree about in what Pega are doing – like IBM and others, they are now focused on

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BPM Adoption: Deep vs. Wide

Anatoly Belaychuk once again has hit the nail on the head with a post on BPM Maturity Models and the tension between going wide versus going deep with your BPM program maturity:The maturity model comes in many flavors: Gartner has

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Best BBQ in America

Well, this is a topic that never really gets old.  The best barbecue spots in America. Or in Austin.  But let’s get real – Austin has become ground zero for BBQ in America. BBQ appeals to us because it is

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A Great Debate — What Language For Data Science

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Nolan Grace, a software developer and consultant at BP3 who has a passion for data science.  This post is shared with permission]Programming languages in the computer science industry are an extremely interesting

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We’re committed to the UK, and we’re committed to Europe

In the Austin American-Statesman on July 1st, Lori Hawkins and Lilly Rockwell ask “What’s next for Austin tech companies after Brexit?“It’s a fair question to ask – because Austin and London tech companies have been forging closer ties for years

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Taking Wellness Seriously

Wellshift’s blog just had a nice call-out to the Austin best places to work who take wellness seriously:Austin Business Journal has announced it’s list of The Best Places to Work in 2016. These winners were picked due to their innovative

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