Best Place for Recent Graduates?

Scott Francis
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Last week’s theme for BP3 was international expansion – into Holland and Denmark.  This week the theme is great places to work.  BP3 is again in the Austin list of best places to work

We’re also on a new national list from Great Places to Work – #12 on their 2016 Best Workplaces for Recent Graduates list!  Our full profile is also on their site.

We’re also the top-ranked company on the list that’s headquartered in Austin, Texas.  We’ve made college graduate hiring and development a priority ever since our very first intern class in 2011.  The interns who came back as team members have been fantastic additions to our team and leaders.  The college graduates who have come to BP3 has found a place that will invest in their development as professionals.

This year we’re rolling out an improved college graduate on-boarding program, and I can’t wait.  One of the leaders of that initiative is, himself, a recent college graduate at BP3.  Every year, our program just gets that much better, and I couldn’t be prouder of the contributions of our recent college graduates on our business and our customer outcomes. My advice to companies in Austin: investing in college graduates is worth it.  Think longer term, and invest.  If you are not building to flip, recent graduates are part of the lifeblood of building a long-term business.