Advice for the CTO

Scott Francis
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CheckmarkOver on Medium I published my thoughts and advice for CTOs of startups, based on my experience as CTO at BP3: 

Over time, I arrived at a job definition that worked for me at BP3: To set direction for technology and software development that is in alignment with the values, philosophy, and business objectives of the business. The CTO primarily enables business through technology, rather than technology for technology’s sake… so if anything my job was more to translate that business perspective into objectives and goals that the technical team can execute against.

There’s nothing I’ve taken more pleasure from than coaching the team I work with at BP3. Our product team does such a good job for our business, and working with them is a real honor. From time to time I’ll post over on Medium, based on ideas developed on this blog, or based on ideas that feel better surfaced there.  I’ll do my best to cross-post here for our readers so that they’re easy to find either partially or in complete re-post format.