Announcing: New Brazos Portal Release

Scott Francis
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Brazos Portal v1.11.1 is now available for download. Customers who have Brazos Portal LI-Portalsupport can find their customized Brazos Portal v1.11.1 build in their custom download articles which can be found here.

This release of Brazos Portal includes bug fixes and some minor improvements. Most notable are some critical fixes for customers running on MS SQL Server Databases.

View the release notes for the details on the fixes and improvements included in v1.11.1.

As always, I have to say thanks to the Brazos Portal development team and our customers for another great release.  There’s no customizable portal that supports as many browsers and versions of IBM BPM as Brazos Portal, not to mention supporting federation with not just multiple servers, but multiple versions and even other products. 

This version comes with interesting enhancements including not just viewing the process diagram, but drill-downs to nested subprocesses, Improved REST API usage, and a number of significant performance improvements. We also implemented some great customizations for specific customers.

If you have questions about Brazos Portal, register for a free trial!


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