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Process Patterns: Plan-Execute

I always like Anatoly’s blog, but in particular I like his process patterns posts, as they’re thought provocative for BPM practitioners regardless of which platform they’re using, and communicate complex concepts through the language of BPMN.  In a very real

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BP3 and IBM: Cloud, BPM, and Bluemix Oh My

Nice article from Carolyn Rogers, capturing and interview and conversation we had at SXSW-interactive back in March 2015. We’ve been fans of Bluemix and not just because some of our old colleagues from Lombardi are heavily influencing the direction and design. 

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BPMCAMP Sessions: Introduction to Process Mining

In a session exploring an area of BPM that is still relatively nascent, David Brakoniecki presented on the topic, and then demonstrated two of the well-known tools in the space (Fluxicon’s Disco, and ProM).Starting off, the objective was to cover

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Being one of the Best Places to Work

In the land of startups and best places to work, there’s a temptation in journalism to cover the more prurient items: the parties, the trips, the wacky office perks, furniture, or policies. Executives for these companies, if pressed to justify the

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BP3 Named #16 in Austin Business Journal’s Fast 50

BP3 has once again made the Austin Fast 50 list published by the Austin Business Journal.  This year BP3 not only graduated to the “Over $10M” category, we also moved up to #16 on the list.  The numbers are based

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BP3 Named One of the Best Small Companies to Work For

BP3 Global of Austin Texas named one of the best small and medium workplaces in the United States published in Fortune Magazine.BP3 Global (, an innovative global provider of business process management (BPM) software and services, was named by Great

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Brands over Products?

From the Stanford Business School e-book, “Build a Winning Business” a few interesting things to pull out of an interview with the North Face CEO Hap Klopp.It’s interesting that North Face really got its start as two stores, one in

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Customer Relationships over Powerful Brands

I may be talking my own book, but I really believe this article from Harvard Business Review, “Why Strong Customer Relationships Trump Powerful Brands”…In a sense, what is a brand if it isn’t the sum of all of the trusted

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Death by Thousand Cuts, Prevented

We’ve often told customers (and anyone else who would listen) that our projects tend to cost less, finish faster, and stall less often than the projects with other vendors.  And they go to production more often than the other vendors

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Austin’s Most Important Restaurants?

A recent article lists Austin’s most important restaurants, and they’ve picked some great ones:Sholz GartenNubian Queen Lola’s Cajun Soul FoodTacodeliThe FriscoFonda San MiguelThreadgill’sJeffrey’sChez NousUchiFranklin BarbecueDai DueEastside CafeRamen Tatsu-YaQuiI like that they didn’t just pick the most popular, but in many

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Really Hard

This snippet from a Bloomberg article on Apple’s ForceTouch and 3D Touch development and design effort (emphasis added) got my attention:“With [3D Touch] it was only at the moment where we finally got a design experience that’s like, ‘Yes! This

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Student Loan Pay Down Plans for Employees

Nice to see a major employer like PwC adding a benefit like Student Loan Pay Down plans to their employee benefits.Long-time Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For®, PwC, is a pioneer of this new benefit […] The average age

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Corner Cases in Health Insurance Require ACA Tweaks

Most of the debate about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been with regard to wholesale passage or repeal of the act.  But here we are, five years later, and what we really need are tweaks to fix the problems

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Thanks to Amazon Prime, maybe there is such a thing as a free lunch

If you were in my talk at BPMCamp 2015 on quantifying business value, you will recall I ended with an analysis of Amazon Prime, and how to build a simple business case around it.  Last week, Amazon announced it is

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Mourning a Friend

Fermin Hernandez passed away earlier this year.  Years ago, I bought a piece of artwork from his gallery in Albuquerque.  He was approachable in a way that other gallery owners weren’t to a young man in flip flops and shorts. 

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To Model or Not to Model

Keith Swenson has another thought-provoking post on his blog regarding models.  Effectively recapping a discussion from the latest BPM/Case conference, he notes that the presentations and research all seemed to start with a “model” as a working assumption:Every presentation at

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BPMCAMP Sessions: Building Modular User Interfaces for BPM

Our very own Brian and Nik led a discussion on building modular user interfaces for BPM.  They’ve been the force behind a lot of our UI development at BP3 – including the first version of Brazos Portal and several customer

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Food. Austin. Get it.

Design is Eating the World

Software is eating the world, right? But maybe Design is eating the world, too. The case for design eating the world is laid out in a post by Scott Belsky on Medium:Behold the power of the “Interface Layer,” it’s not just about

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Apple’s iPad Pro and Convergence

Many Microsoft proponents (or at least, Apple critics) have been saying that obviously PCs and Tablets, or Laptops and Tablets, are destined to merge into one device.  This implies that the split between iOS and OSX is a hindrance rather

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Austin’s B2C Startups are Humming… They Just Aren’t Software Companies

A friend on twitter made the comment:Apparently, we ARE good at B2C startups in ATX. But the product needs to be in a bottle not on a phone. Keep it going, @BeatboxBevs.— Robert Reeves (@robertreeves) August 22, 2015He was referencing

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Intalio, Early BPM Innovator, Acquired

Intalio was recently acquired by Everteam, an ECM vendor, of France:The acquisition, which formally closed earlier this month, includes the sales, marketing, support and development infrastructure within Intalio. As part of the acquisition, the company has expanded its base of

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I love China Gorman’s post on Boomerangs. “It used to be that being a “job hopper” was a bad thing. Employers wouldn’t touch someone who moved around a lot. And employees almost never wanted to go back to a former employer.”Interestingly

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