The Value of Being There

Scott Francis
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In a day and age full of the virtual, perhaps we place a little more value on the personal, and the real. Virtual is better than letters, or email, but it isn’t better than a handshake or a hug, and the sound of laughing around the water cooler (or at the bar later on).  And this has always been true, in particular, of successful BPM programs as well, as a way to cut through the ambiguity inherent in discussions of business and process.

We have practically our whole company in Austin for BPMCAMP, our annual all-hands-meeting-meets-customer-conference, and it is just really good to see everyone – and to experience the camaraderie that is apparent as they share meals and stories, code and drinks.  Our first (annual?) ping pong competition was awarded to one of our favorite BP Labs team members, Anton (many of our customers will know this name right away).  He casually cut his way through our tournament draw.   I took some of our UK team out for Rudy’s BBQ today for lunch.  I had some quality time with our interns and new hires from university, and from other companies. We’ve got an amazing team and culture here, and I can’t wait to dig into our content this week, with this team.  The gratitude I feel for this team is overwhelming.

I think the best way I can put it is this:  We’re putting the band back together.