BPMCAMP Early Returns

Scott Francis
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  [UPDATE: interested in BPMCAMP 2016?  The sign-up for information is here! ]

bpmcamp 2015 customer reception

I’ll have more to post about BPMCAMP as pictures and videos come in, and as I have time to synthesize.  But I’ll just say that it was a blast.

I am so grateful that our customers made it to Austin for this, to be here in person.  As I said during the opening session, business is personal – and it is about people, and that’s how we conduct business at BP3.  The fact that we care about our customer’s successes shows in the work we do – whether it is our BP Labs support team, our development team, our consulting team, or our sales team.

Our whole company is organized around the principle of improving our customers’ experiences with BPM, and with BP3 specifically.  BPMCAMP is no different:  it is our investment in the community of which we are a part.  It was great for our wider team to meet so many customers, and it was great for our UK and US teams to be in the same room for the first time, joined by our teams from the rest of Europe and Australia.

Some of my favorite tweets from the event: